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    DCR locos

    Delivering spent ballast to Leicester is an interesting development considering the proximity of then various quarries in the area. I worked at Leicester TOPS in the early 90's and was always surprised that a town the size of Leicester actually generated no railfreight traffic of any sort. The...
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    The enhancement pipeline seems to have dried up!

    For the last couple of Control Periods the have been several major projects being run concurrently by NR. There does however seem to be a dearth of new projects starting up in the new Control Period and not all of this can be put down to HS2 and its temporary suspension. As projects are...
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    Most faded grandeur (trivia)

    The advent of the RHT and a more enlightened appreciation of railway heritage in general means that there are not nearly as many stations retaining that slightly rundown,wistful and neglected feel. The unpainted parts of Crewe plus the abandoned portions are a reminder of former glories...
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    Rail Freight Flows and News UK

    They have spent a lot of cash at Padeswood on tickling up the sidings etc and I doubt if they would do that if they were not thinking of a long term use.
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    Rail Freight Flows and News UK

    Havent they done some gauge clearance on the line from Immingham to allow for container trains to run - NR spent some money I believe in the expectation of something running that would justify the work
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    Preston Station Roof (Mon 13th Jan)

    there is a debate to be had regarding form over function on the railway. a lot of cash does get spent on aesthetics and imaging and as pointed out does it help the trains run on time. if you look at how much is spent on retaining heritage features and the massive costs associated with...
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    Preston Station Roof (Mon 13th Jan)

    arent repairs to the roof scheduled in this CP? could this have anything to do with this?
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    State rail operator hunts for staff to run failing routes

    As mentioned above it is a commercial necessity to run the railways as lean as possible and therefore some franchises would be expected to struggle as an element of optimum bias is going to be prevalent in a blind bidding process. It does appear that there is a direct correlation between the...
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    Any new station additions to open in 2020?

    wolverhampton's new building looks well advanced. Kettering is having platform extensions and some work to the canopies as is Wellingborough which will have a new platform and I assume lifts/footbridge. Mkt Harborough should be finally finished soon. Inverness is having a refurb this year also...
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    What is your favourite station in the UK?

    it is nice to see some of the smaller stations that have retained some authenticity and are now being valued. a few that spring to mind are Great Malvern, Hale, Knaresborough, Hebden Bridge, Heslby, Abergavenny, multiple stations in Scotland outside of the major conurbations. Kettering is my...
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    ORR say NR doing well on efficiencies. Does this mean the railway can ever "break even?'

    Im wondering if the railway almost by default will end up getting closer to balancing its books. The biggest swallower of subisdy is NR and the new Control Period does seem to focus much more on renewals rather than enhancements. If further electrification is off the cards for the foreseeable...
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    ORR say NR doing well on efficiencies. Does this mean the railway can ever "break even?' In last years financial report the amount of subsidy going into NR dropped by several hundred million. The overall subsidy was basically...
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    passenger growth continues Interesting numbers, new trains and routes showing untapped demand maybe. the next two years should be interesting reading with so many new trains coming in and additional routes and capacity opening up. Revenue growth is also decent. Growth should lag the increase in...
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    Rail Finance Statistical Release 2018-19

    If HS2 is stripped out of the costs and also the enhancement costs being incurred by NR then you should have a more reflective no. for the actual cost of running the network. The fact that we are already at 7bn for HS2 in total is a surprise. I am interested in the railways funding structure as...
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    DCR locos

    In RAIL tey are talking about up to 18 trains per day into and out of Willesden which will be the main hub for HS2 construction in that area. Spoil trains will form part of this. We mut assume that post if not all of these trains will find their way onto the MML as the WCML would seem to be...