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    Where low adhesion is permanent

    Is this jet fuel pollution dropping from the sky or is it something else, e.g. seepage from fuel storage tanks?
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    Open Train Times maps - Eastleigh box

    Wasn't aware of either of these websites until this thread and spent a couple of enjoyable hours following specific trains around the network. Many thanks to all those responsible.
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    Pressure change between passing trains

    Can't add anything to the technical discussion, but I'd like to say how much I like the photograph.
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    Trivia - Multiple shortest routes virtually the same length

    Radyr to Cardiff Central via Danescourt 4m59ch Radyr to Cardiff Central via Llandaff 4m79ch. Difference 20 chains
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    Trivia: Stations where the town's bus station is placed.

    I think it was under the adjacent Bull Ring centre, whether that makes it higher or lower than New St platform level I really can't remember. It shared the same dark and gloomy atmosphere though.
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    When do you start getting ready to leave the train?

    I don't usually have a lot to pack away, just a book or laptop which take a couple of seconds so I tend to wait until the train is in the station - unless I'm in a hurry and want to be at the front of the queue
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    PROGRAMME ALERT - Railways: The Making Of A Nation.

    I've enjoyed the two viewed so far - the ones about Railway Time and Class. I haven't learnt a huge amount, but as I know a bit about railway history (like many on this forum) and have watched numerous other tv programmes about railways, perhaps that isn't a surprise. I watched Liz McIvor's...
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    On board message - pointless?

    Yes, thanks, that makes sense. I assume that you do something in the app to activate the ticket and that timestamps it. No need to answer that, I'll go and read some more about this type of ticket
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    On board message - pointless?

    I don't think I've bought an mticket, is this a ticket loaded on your mobile phone? Why can't you biy a ticket which is valid for the journey you have already started - is it only for Advance tickets?
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    Cardiff Central - Match/Event days

    Thanks. I'll make sure I don't head that way after dark
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    Cardiff Central - Match/Event days

    Ah now I see! I think the SWALEC would have to be expanded quite a bit for crowd controls to be necessary at Cathays. Do they even have controls at Central for SWALEC (and other stadia) events or just those at the Millennium? - which is where this thread started I believe.
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    Cardiff Central - Match/Event days

    That post of mine still seems to exist. #45 I think. I just wasn't sure what you were saying about it.
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    Cardiff Central - Match/Event days

    Sorry, I don't quite understand the point you're making --- old post above --- --- new post below --- Does that take longer than crossing the roads from Cardiff Central? I wouldn't have thought there's much in it either way. Why do they close the footbridge at certain times of the day...