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    ATAVT - Vienna System

    Hi everyone, recently took all my tests and this was the only one I failed , thinking back I’m pretty sure I know how I messed up , I was clicking road signs when I seen lampposts , as the pictures are of American situations, most had lampposts that go over the top of the road and form the...
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    Advice with psychometric results

    Happy new year to all, need some advice please. I have recently booked myself onto a railway competency group course to get my tests done, however I already have the paper tests passed. If I retake , and fail then i start all over again as my main concern is the glop/memory test. I passed the...
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    EMR - Operations Team Member (Shunter) Derby & Nottingham Talent Pool

    Anyone have issues with the first two questions on this ? It asked have I had a interview in Past six months for this role which if you tick yes would probably make you ineligible, however on ticking no it still said you can’t proceed which was pretty odd, so had to tick yes.
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    DB Cargo mobile operative - Toton

    Hi, same person but different profile for some reason ! erm yea the interview was good, i prepared a lot, ingested a lot about DB before i went in, my current career focuses a lot on safety, and i could put this across when answering the questions. It was a relaxed interview, the 2 x...
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    New starter - Covid-19 impact on employment

    I got the phone call today that I have been dreading, was starting with DB in April, practically a dream come true but they have had to cancel the training course which I totally understand,people’s health comes first. however it’s incredibly difficult to take. I wonder where this leaves me now...
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    Db cargo. Mobile op / ground staff

    Hi , I went to Doncaster to undertake 3 tests , I would assume it’s the same still as I took these late last year. 1 x mechanical knowledge 1 x maths 1 x comprehension I found the mechanical knowledge one the most difficult, was a lot about forces, weights etc , if you have a mechanical...
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    Db cargo. Mobile op / ground staff

    Hi mate , I was recently successful at interview with DB for mobiles operative. It was really relaxed, asked the usual questions about you and what drives you etc. Not really any technical questions, do your homework on DB. A lot of questions was , tell us a time when this happened etc , came...
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    Metrolink Drivers

    Morning all , I have a friend who is just about to do his mini SCAAT , and he’s just asking what the pay deal is now for metrolink drivers ? I know the first post on here shows pay grades but it’s from 2017. Any info would be appreciated.
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    DB cargo Groundstaff question

    Thanks for the info , it’s all a little bit strange as the job was for east mids, however my contract states Cambridgeshire hub and when I checked the DB handbook, and it states Cambridgeshire hub was Peterborough and Ely which I thought , okay maybe I would be based at Peterborough which not...
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    DB cargo Groundstaff question

    I was very surprised too ! I applied for east mids mobile operative, was told I am in the Cambridgeshire hub which includes Leicestershire and my base in Mountsorrel , chuffed to have the chance to do something I’ve always wanted to do , and it be close to home (Leicester) for me.when they said...
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    DB cargo Groundstaff question

    It’s the Mountsorrel near Loughborough, apologies about the spelling.
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    DB cargo Groundstaff question

    Good morning, you been successful in getting a job ? I start with DB in April as a mobile operative too for the Cambridgeshire hub, based in Mountsorrell. Was told it’s 3 “instances” a week but a maximum of 6 with 1 night shift it looks like. All the best
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    DB Cargo pension options

    Thecrofter and atishyou I greatly appreciate your detailed responses, its a absolute minefield, I hope once I join DB , I have a long career on the railway and retire as a railway employee. It’s a decision I didn’t think I would have to make so soon , it’s kind of been at the forefront of...
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    DB Cargo pension options

    Firstly apologies if this conversation has already been had , tried but failed to find a thread. Recently been successful with DB , and hopefully starting in April, received a lot of pension paperwork with my welcome pack, telling me I have a option of three and must choose one. This will be my...
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    West Midlands Railways Trainee Senior Conductor

    I had to do a online assessment, like a situation test then heard nothing until they sent another link for the same test , received a email from WMT to ignore and that I would hear back at the end of January. So am wondering if they are putting folk through tests in Birmingham that I have been...