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    Entire Merseyrail fleet to be replaced

    Why not just mandate that whenever the vehicle is supposedly isolated there is a person in the cab at all times? Vehicle starts to move, person stops it. Pretty simple.
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    Season Ticket Advice

    It will be Liverpool Lime St
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    Season Ticket Advice

    Hi, I am planning to be commuting to Manchester regularly soon and I wanted to clarify a season ticket point. If I buy a season ticket to Manchester Stns and this means I can arrive/depart from Piccadilly, Oxford Road, Deansgate and Victoria as I like? Just trying to maximise...
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    Helsby to Ellesmere Port

    At one point I was considering moving to Elton and when I looked on the map there was a handy station there, it was only when I checked the timetable I knew it would be unworkable for commuting!
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    Straw poll, Pendolino vs M3 coach

    Very much prefer Mk3 over Pendo, in fact, anything over a Pendo or Voyager. Basically they are not fit for purpose for long distance routes - in the last 3 years I have never been able to sit down on a pendo - it's not a matter of booking a seat it's more to do with luggage. When I travel long...
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    Direct Rail Services Ltd Passenger Trains Test Runs (28th- 30th December 2011)

    Given that BNFL (or whatever their name is today) have both removed the bus subsidy and are making it increasingly difficult to drive on-site, this can only be a good thing - as long it stays. I am unsure of the current situation but it was the case that you were only allowed to drive on-site...
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    Travel durring the Olympics

    Personally i'm looking forward to the Olympics - i have tickets for the sailing and we will be travelling from Poole to Weymouth by train (first class no less! - already booked via the NRE/Olympics travel booking portal)
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    Man stole £2600 worth of luggage from TPE services

    This reminds me of one of my pet hates with Voyagers/Pendolinos - the overhead racks are too small to be useful. On a Mk3 or indeed anything else i can easily fit my usual suitcase overhead - on the pendos i can't even get my backpack in there (which contains my laptop usually so i do not want...
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    Trains in awkward places

    What about the new london overground units at Crewe in recent testing? It made me do a double take thats for sure!
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    Lifts & escalators

    Surely escalators could be fitted with sensors so that as someone approaches, it turns on and it is timed to run for just longer than it takes to travel a full length. You would also err on the side of caution and make sure it is enabled earlier than required and disabled much later. I suppose...
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    It's quite different, both the AIS (for shipping) and aircraft transponder systems have well documented standards, the information is broadcast by the ship/aircraft and anyone with a suitable receiver can get the data, decode and present (which is how websites like Marine Traffic work). Since...
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    Train cancelled due to overloading!

    MerseyRail have cancelled a few trains 'due to late running' when it's late because of the number of passengers, what that happens, everyone is turfed out at the next station causing the train behind to be even more massively overloaded - personally I don't think this is a good way to handle the...
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    Observation Cars

    Cool that's all useful info thanks. Should have known the Royal Scotsman was a VSOE train... it'll be a while before I get to travel on that. I think I'd still prefer the traditional trip across Europe instead though.
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    Observation Cars

    Do such things still exist in the UK? (Not sure if this should be here or in the Special Workings section). I only ask because i was recently re-watching Michael Palins Great Railway Journey ( S1x04), on one railtour the rear coach was an...
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    Class 142 mock up in NSE livery

    I suppose it should be amusing that the station in the image is Whitehaven - without going to scotland about as far away from NSE as you can get!