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    Any NHS staff left to become a train driver?

    Companies may struggle to retain drivers because they tend to move to another company. A few drivers moan but you won’t see many leaving the grade because as jobs go, it’s a very good one.
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    Professional driving policies

    The 707 I guess has similar braking to yours. And like yourself I don’t use step 3 or equivalent on the PBC but it’s there if it’s needed. It used to be taught start braking in step 3 years ago.
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    Professional driving policies

    I’m a little confused, why are you restricted to using no more than 50% of the trains braking capability? Where I am we have units with 4 step brakes (one being emergency) and PBC. I find there’s a fair bit of padding on our network so keeping to time isn’t difficult and I don’t need to hit...
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    Open Access TOC's

    Your final paragraph is interesting.......
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    Fire & Rehire for railway jobs, especially Train Drivers.

    Well the shares I hold with my company suggest otherwise. As for you paying my wages thank you. A few of my furloughed friends working in air traffic and private companies thank you too.
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    Fire & Rehire for railway jobs, especially Train Drivers.

    The govt are rather busy hashing things up or sweeping reports under the carpet but when they get back to the pledges in the Queens Speech late last year and subsequently the white paper is introduced to ensure a minimum service is implemented on the railways during a strike we should then...
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    How much would you pay for your training ?

    Good question and some good responses too. I wouldn’t like to pay anything to pursue this line of work. Other sectors have gone this route, it hasn’t worked particularly well, paramedics, police, pilots etc. I wonder how many who join the trainee driver grade take a pay cut for a substantial...
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    Driver Finals

    Congrats. Well done for enduring the wait.
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    SWR - Trainee Driver Training. Anyone Been to Basingstoke?

    As stated authorised route, out of station along car park behind Springpark over the green bridge about 15 mins at a leisurely pace.
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    Driver's favourite rolling stock

    Not had a traction pack out for a while now.
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    Driver's favourite rolling stock

    I concur about the holding brake on the 350 but in my neck of the woods it’s the 450. The 707 holding brake is much better and the view and layout means it’s good to drive. However, many will disagree with me but a 458 even with the gangway and occasionally temperamental behaviour are my...
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    Xc trains annual leave

    You’re confusing the OP with someone else I think....
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    Train driver working hours

    Sounds like your TOC has quite a few more issues around booking leave than where I am. I think I’ve only had one time where I couldn’t get time off. Easier said than done I guess but would you consider moving to another TOC near you?
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    Southeastern driver shortages

    Allegedly.... some Southern drivers have applied to SWR since the pay rise....
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    Don’t worry to much about this as it’ll be a while till you’re on the roster. You’ll have plenty of time to prepare.