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    3tph on North Downs Line

    Yes - I was wondering if this thread was going to be re-titled as it has strayed so far from the current one.
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    SR letter and number headcodes

    The first photo of the article shows the Oxshott bridge from which a cement mixer lorry fell several years ago, landing on the roof of a class 455 which, unluckily, was departing towards London at that moment.
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    SR letter and number headcodes

    4111 was the first of the flat-front design. It also included a composite trailer, which never ran as such in service. These vehicles were easily recognisable by their much wider compartments and surprisingly many survived in SUBs and EPBs (replacing damaged vehicles) into the 1980s.
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    What's the grinding sound on 755s?

    Do these 'scrubbers' apply all year round? I would have thought autumn was only really of any use, and they would wear out needlessly quickly if used all the time.
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    Merseyrail Class 777

    Not "artists" - let's not give them any validity with that term. They are vandals.
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    Comment by 'Deepgreen' in album 'Photo of the Month - July 2020 - Trains Indoors'

    Interesting to see two different shots of the same scene in the mix!
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    Third rail maximum current

    I recall from days of yore that, very broadly, 750v applied in the inner areas and 850v further out on some routes, notably the Portsmouth line. That may have been wrong and/or may have changed. From those same times, a 4REP (3,200hp) was not alllowed to operate in multiple with any other...
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    Curious rotating device on London Underground

    That's what they want you to believe. In reality they are the vanguard of an alien invasion. They are infiltrating key infrastructure projects to try to slip in unnoticed, but there are those of us who intend to rise up against the 'visitors' and expose their evil plan. Little Green Gyrating...
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    Tree on Leatherhead line.

    Reports on NRE that a tree is blocking the line south of Leatherhead. Given that it has been calm for a couple of days, does anyone happen to know the cause? Of course, trees can fall at any time if they are dead, but it seems odd for one to come down in such benign conditions. The report...
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    Guildford To Leatherhead And Return ECS Workings

    Thanks. This was the unusual scene at Leatherhead.
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    Guildford To Leatherhead And Return ECS Workings

    Today there are two return ECS workings from Guildford to Leatherhead via Bookham; 5Z42 and 5Z43. Does anyone know the purpose of these, please - my guess is driver training?
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    Train companies claiming to have "longer carriages"

    The railway used to be one of the recognised sources of good communications, along with the BBC, etc. No more - the shattering of a cohesive network has brought in a plethora of different communications sources, which are generally not measured parts of the TOCs' financial performance, and...
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    Train companies claiming to have "longer carriages"

    Yes - just the increasing slackness of the TOCs, reflecting their decreasing actual UK railway operating experience/knowledge, and the proliferation of non-railway people who write (and, worse, approve) the messages.
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    Photo of the Month :: June 2020

    Ah, so I actually did miss something! Thanks.
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    Welshpool crossing crash

    Interesting - so mph and kph are simultaneously in official use on different elements of the railway?