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    Trivia: Lost modern "classic" liveries

    I always thought the LT Leaside on the metros with the narrow white band looked good
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    Long distance heritage dmu journeys

    They did the 303’s, 310’s and 311’s all had windows behind the drivers cab , was great on the North Clyde service enjoying the view on a Helensburgh service
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    Penzance - Thurso/Wick

    Here is a link
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    Penzance - Thurso/Wick

    Wasn't there a 3 day railtour a few (maybe a good Few Years ago) that did this ? Something in my fuzzy grey matter thinks it Was called The Great Briton or similair
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    Long distance heritage dmu journeys

    I remember reading a book about the memoirs of a driver ( can’t remember the name) and he worked a DMU service to Crewe only to find that his return working was a 104 which he wasn’t signed for so couldn’t work it back
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    Petition to Re-Open the Douglas to Peel Railway

    As much as i would love to services restored, how can a commuter service a couple of days a year be a proper commuter service. People do not commute a couple of days a year ( or even 5) they commute daily on week days ( and sometimes weekends)
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    BR’s most successful DMU?

    I think you will find that the Turbos replaced 117's which went on to replace many other classes on other regions.
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    BR’s most successful DMU?

    Ok this could be a controversial one, but what do you think was BR’s most successful DMU? I am going to put myself on the firing range by suggesting the 143s. After initial problems they settled down to work all types of services. Hated by passengers and the media , they were reliable and...
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    5x Class 153 conversion to bike and baggage vans for Scotrail

    158’s on the WHL would be a massive improvement. As much as I like the 156’s the Travel duration on WHL is crying out for stock improvement
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    The Post-Deregulation Era (1986-2000)

    Was many years ago and vaguely remembered it , but was a great test ground for Scania.
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    Pacers at London Termini

    There was talk that one reached Paddington but not sure if it was Substaniated. As for South of Crewe how about the GW ones in Devon and Cornwall plus the Welsh pacers
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    Tank engines on express workings

    Saw some pictures recently of tanks piloting tender locos out on Glasgow Central on express services and got me thinking ( yes the grey cells still work) were there any express services during BR days scheduled for tank engines. I am not thinking of splitting trains where a tank may have done...
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    Ex-LNER Mk4 sets for Grand Central (Blackpool - Euston)

    Will be nice to see these in service , plus to see what the quality of service will be.
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    Long distance heritage dmu journeys

    Class 101's although not sure about 51794 as I thought the batch started at 51795. would have been an interesting and extremely rare run
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    Why did BR buy rather than lease units?

    Leasing also has an effect on the balance sheet.