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    Railway Pubs

    Take a look at with different coloured pins and a leaderboard too....
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    Wouldn't it be great if Cross-Country took some of the redundant HST's?

    My idea for quickly increasing capacity on Voyagers would be to take out all but one of the (smelly) toilets and fit them out with 3+2 seating. Might be a bit cosy on a 221 but hey, a 25% instant capacity increase!
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    Can't quite get my photos pin sharp - advice appreciated!

    Just a couple of observations that might or might not be of use...looking at the shot of 47712, there is a lot of fringing around the numbers and logo, possible result of over-sharpening / JPEG compression effects? The same is evident around the numbering and lettering on D832. Doesn't look...
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    State Subsidised Bus to the Pub

    Wow, I hope all late night bus and train services in the UK are all operated commercially - I don't want to be subsidising anyone going to the pub.
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    Making Your Own Beer

    I'd agree with takno above, usually, I give the beer 2-3 weeks in the barrel before drinking over about a 2 week period. Normally, the secondary fermentation gives enough pressure to allow the entire barrel to be dispensed but, if not, a quick shot of carbon dioxide from the soda stream...
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    Making Your Own Beer

    If you want to go down the mashing route, I can recommend the recipes 'brewing beers like those you buy' by Dave Line; used to have the first edition when I started homebrewing back in the mid eighties and when things went well, the results really did taste like the real thing. Unfortunately...
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    Being an avid ale drinker, one thing I've noticed over the years is how many of the more mainstream ales (Hobgoblin, 6X, Spitfire, Speckled Hen etc) seem to have lost a lot of their character and have become somewhat bland, presumably so that they can appeal to more people and hence increase...
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    Avon Day Rider 04-11-2017 notes

    regarding , the First Outer I bought in Bristol on Monday had a QR code on the bottom of it....caused much ticket studying to occur later in Bath when getting on the 265 with claims of it not being valid "not one of our tickets mate" despite text on the ticket clearly stating First Bristol Bath...
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    Passenger journeys down by 4.5% in the 1st quarter of 2017

    I always enjoy a good look at these reports as they often contain some hidden gems of data. For example, table 12.13 shows that since 2010-11, total passenger train kilometres have increased by less than 5%. This doesn't seem very impressive to me, given the huge sums of money invested in the...
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    Fire destroys buses at depot in West Sussex.

    A few photos, not mine, here
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    Jurassic Mule 2017

    Plenty of press coverage today regarding the Mules demise; Jeremy Vine, Metro, ITV West Country News and even some national papers! Sad state of affairs really that he should feel pressured out of Seaton and his depot by various aggrieved parties. Maybe they got the hump because they couldn't...
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    Wasps on food

    Think I'd be more worried about people coughing and sneezing on the open displays of buns and pastries in the supermarket than a few wasps.
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    Which bus do you dislike most, and why?

    Bulgy bus....he's a mean scarlet deceiver :p
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    Oxford to London by bus

    How about Oxford - Aylesbury - High Wycombe - Slough - Heathrow and onwards.
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    I Hate Pork Pies

    Here in Trowbridge, we used to have a thriving pie, sausage and scotch egg factory that made (amongst other things) Melton Mowbray pork pies for many of the major supermarkets. Alas, under EU 'protected status' rules, Melton Mowbray pork pie manufacture had to end and the factory became...