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    Geospatial Route Viewer

    Constructive Feedback:- I tried putting in Chester to Warrington Bank Quay And an error message came up saying "please report". I then tried Helsby to Warrington Bank Quay and also Flint to Warrington Bank Quay and they both worked.
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    TPE staff at Manchester Airport

    Nah,, wrong time of year, it was something more like this:-
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    TPE staff at Manchester Airport

    Am I right in thinking that ,on continental railways, the person acting in the role of as the dispatcher wore a red hat? That is my memory of travel on Swiss trains in the 80s.
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    ITV Trouble on the tracks

    Sorry, but I'm still confused by this explanation from Minilad. I live in Manchester and very rarely travel through New Street. Is the A end towards Coventry or towards Wolverhampton? Are you saying that the train (Drivers Cab) had stopped initially beyond the signal which protects the points...
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    ITV Trouble on the tracks

    I assume there has been an investigation into this incident. Has there been a published report that is in the the public domain?
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    ITV Trouble on the tracks

    On the show tonight (19th march) there was an incident where a XC train had passed a Red signal and caused damage to a set of points. It was later stated the driver had been given an incorrect instruction by a dispatcher to pass the signal. Is it correct that a dispatcher can give an...
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    Alternative route for HS2 phase 2 proposed with Manchester as through station

    The poster Glen-Ped is likely to be the poster who has been banned many times on SkyScraperCity known as John Burns. I would suggest that everyone puts this poster on ignore as this poster thrives on provoking others to respond to the "ideas" that are put forward.
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    Alternative route for HS2 phase 2 proposed with Manchester as through station

    Sky Scrapper City, The HS2 threads there get contaminated quite regularly by a poster who has the same posting style and gets banned only to re appear later with a new user name. the poster is known on the SSC as Mad John or John Burns (from Milton Keynes)
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    Petition for Manchester Piccadilly platforms 15 & 16

    Wouldn't these trains coming from the Ardwick curve have to cross the throat at some point in order to get to the airport lines?
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    Would it not be better to avoid Man_Pic( platform 13) to Stockport altogether. I would have thought it would be better to go via Man-Vic, Philips Park, Ashbury's, Romily, New Mils to pick up the Hope Valley. but as mentioned else where, is there enough capacity on the Hope Valley?
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    EuroStar return bookings

    I want to travel from London to Amsterdam on 20th Feb. and return from Brussels Midi to London on 4th Mar. Is it possible to book this on the UK Eurostar site as a return journey or do I have to book 2 singles. It doesn't seem possible to book Midi to St Pancras on the UK site, am I missing...
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    The NS Off-Peak Group Ticket (NS Groepsticket Daluren)

    I understand the Dutch rail group ticket. ( NS Group Ticket) is only available online and costs €30 for 4 people. I intend travelling on the Dutch rail system in February with my partner. Is it permitted for a couple to buy a group ticket? The journeys I intend to make are Amsterdam to...
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    Transport bosses urge industry to ‘fight’ for HS2 northern section

    Interesting post on Skyscraper City explaining how the telegraph misunderstood what was said.
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    Camden Bank — Up Empty Stock Tunnel

    If you can find an out of print book:-"The Great British Railway Station EUSTON", Irwell Press ISBN 1-871608-28-7 you can find some information there.
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    Platform 15 and 16 project at Manchester Piccadilly.

    What crew changes take place at P13/14. I was under the impression that Network Rail did not allow crew changes other than at Oxford Road.