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    The Railway Series [Thomas the Tank Engine] (and TV spin-offs)

    Here is some behind the scenes video of TTTE
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    Rail Franchises to be Replaced with Fixed Fee Contracts

    Wouldn't it be funny if they did decided to go for government mandated liveries for each operator/contract but as to do it on the cheap looked at what branding they already owned, and as such decided that given they acquired the SWT brand that would be one of the pilot areas. Imagine SWR having...
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    Companies That You Expect to Disappear Soon

    Too many companies don't realise that expanding quickly comes at a cost and a lot of the time the cost is more than the business can sustain. I'm guessing partially because these companies don't have the time to properly assess the market/business before the money runs out. It's also false to...
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    First South West (Kernow & Buses of Somerset)

    From what I've heard they are desperate for buses due to Covid and as such are putting training buses back in to service as even with loans/reactivations from other parts of the group/dealers more buses are needed.
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    TV Licensing

    Part of that is due to it being the only nationwide commercial radio station and is actually owned by the company that own most of Britains TV/Radio transmission sites (Arqiva) and as such will have similar broadcast transmission levels as the BBC stations and on similarly high transmission...
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    When did you first have a mobile phone?

    I did love the call to 02 when I switched from PAYG to a cheap Plusnet monthly contract, they naturally tried to make me stay until they asked me what deal I was getting with PN, they went a bit quiet after that! less for at least twice the price.
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    Your first experiences of computers

    Supposedly the Archimedes was easier to write games for than the Amiga because it could all be done in software when to get the best performance you had to do extra coding for the custom chips on the amiga and that could only give you a little mmore power than what the Archimedes could do in...
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    Your first experiences of computers

    First computer experience would have been an Acorn A3020? at infant school in ~93, they also had a BBC micro which was used to do the weekly spell tests, despite it not having the voice synthesizer and as such having to show you the word required to be spelt! My first PC experience would have...
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    When did you first have a mobile phone?

    No camera (some models from other manufacturers did) but had downloadable apps/games, GPRS internet access (it had been used for the national rail mobile site) a touch screen, music and video playback (anything supported by WMP iirc), Bluetooth, optional internal GPS, plus all you regular...
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    When did you first have a mobile phone?

    First mobile was a Christmas present from my dad, I believe when I was still in junior school, and was a Telital PV129 on Vodafone's "Pay As You Talk" service on their ETACS network, only used it for a month as it still had line rental, despite being PAYG, so you had to top up £15 every month...
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    Do any TOCs still use paper window destination labels?

    Worried that they might become "souvenirs" possibly, a paper label is cheap to replace if it goes missing.
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    Class 484 to replace class 483 on the island line

    As I might have said before could they test them overnight out of Weymouth, the lines relatively quiet and Weymouth has sidings to accommodate them. Has history of testing trains before (including the recent 455 AC traction conversions) so testing them there should be a known commodity.
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    Companies That You Expect to Disappear Soon

    Before buying C/D's check the mAh rating, D's should have at least 4000mAh/4Ah if I remember correctly, I believe the Lidl ones are full capacity and the website of the company that supplies their batteries, eures gmbh, states 5,000mAh for their D cells and 4,500mAh for their C cells. As for...
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    Companies That You Expect to Disappear Soon

    I suppose when you go into somewhere like Currys and they try to upsell you insurance ask them: "why are you then trying to sell me this item if the quality is so poor that I will need insurance!, I take it this product and all the other products you sell are no good then, and as such I will be...