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    (AUS) XPT derails at Wallan.

    Hi there The driver and pilotman died in the incident at Wallan. :'( DJ737 Melbourne, Australia
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    What activity is there on the railway on Christmas Day?

    Down here in Melbourne, it's a Sunday service and all services are free. Merry Christmas DJ737
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    GWR operating short 'HSTGTi' sets (see diagrams section for workings)

    Hi there Currently on 2C56, only going as far as Exeter due to a shortage of train crew. (This working is slam door stock) Cheers DJ737 Melbourne, Australia
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    Strange routing. Is it valid?

    The Southeastern website also states that this ticket is valid for break of journey.
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    Trivia: Services that only call at unstaffed stations.

    Also out west : 2E09 08:35 Pembroke Dock-Whitland (Summer Saturdays only) 2E18 09:07 Whitland to Fishguard Harbour (Winter Saturdays only but divides at Whitland off the Pembroke dock train, does that count?) Cheers DJ737 Melbourne, Australia
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    1521 York to Manchester Airport (Saturday, 16th February)

    From Real Time Trains This service was cancelled between Newcastle and York due to an issue with the train crew.
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    Chinley to Sheffield next Saturday

    Hi there 199 to Buxton>65 Buxton to Sheffield will get you there. What time does the game finish? You could have problems getting back. Cheers DJ737 Melbourne Australia
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    Oyster/Contactless question

    Thanks for the info, that’s good to know.
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    Oyster/Contactless question

    G'day I will be in the UK next month and have an Oyster card from last year, but I have just registered a contactless card on the same account. Can one person use the Oyster card and another use the contactless card on the same journey? Will it cause any issues as both cards are on the same...
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    What to do in Stalybridge?

    Thanks for that, Ill check back nearer the time and if it's not running take a leisurely trip up to Manchester from Newport.
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    What to do in Stalybridge?

    Forgot about the Wetherspoons, probably pop in there for a quick one before the buffet opens.
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    What to do in Stalybridge?

    I'm doing Stockport-Stalybridge on 16th June, however on this day the service only runs from Stockport and there are no other trains at Stalybridge due to engineering works. I have a hotel booked in Ashton-under-Lyne but can't check in until 14:00 and the station buffet at Stalybridge doesn't...
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    Extending a Britrail England pass to travel to Cardiff

    Hi there, back again Can I use my Britrail England pass on a direct train from Shrewsbury to Chester which passes through Wales during the journey? I will not be getting off the train during the journey.
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    Extending a Britrail England pass to travel to Cardiff

    Thanks for the replies, by the way do I have to have a ticket from the last station in England (Pilning) or the first station in Wales (Severn Tunnel Junction) to Cardiff?
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    Extending a Britrail England pass to travel to Cardiff

    Hi there Just ordered a Britrail England pass for my trip this year, but will need to travel to & from Cardiff a couple of times. Can the guard/conductor issue Pilning-Cardiff & vice versa tickets, and does the train need to stop at Pilning? Any advice welcomed :) Cheers DJ737 Melbourne...