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    Trains in movies

    The regional quirks of the first Peter rabbit movie, rail included to keep it on topic, has me rocking back and forward in frustration ever time I see it with the kids. Pretty sure we aren't in the lake District anymore
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    I was having a wee think about how HSTs don't make it out of the depot if there is doubt at all re a failure ... Not saying for one minute 170s and 158s are sent out on three wheels or whatever, but could the softly softly approach with the HSTs be due in part to the fact that it would be a...
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    New homes for ex-Caledonian Sleeper Mark 2 and 3 stock

    Would imagine that to be a very common end use for them - and why not.
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    "Abandoned Railways"

    I remembering seeing a video of an urbanex explore of the former Fife circle loco stock from the EWS / DBS days ... Think it was up Thornton way... If anyone recalls this I wonder 1) is the stock still there 2) how come it was abandoned there in the first place... The vegetation had seriously...
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    Class 314 Withdrawals

    I'd suggest having an EMU presents its own unique challenges and they have the 303 already
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    Well there was a classic set sitting in P19 back of 5pm... Oddly next departure to Careenden... Normally a 68 turn... Now a good gap of time before that departure so it was possibly awaiting a run back to the depot. Maybe just a coincidence However a refurb set was on P15... Next train to...
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    I thought Haymarket Depot looks a bit tidier this morning when I passed at about 0715 - standard trio parked round the back thought I think HAY P0 was empty at that time also.
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    Is there still training ongoing with the classics? Ask as a classic set appeared in the years at Dundee over the course of the morning.
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    5x Class 153 conversion to bike and baggage vans for Scotrail

    Whats the latest on these conversions out of interest - be a while till they are ready i imagine?
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    Have to say that from a cursory passing look at Haymarket today, there seems to be alot less HST bits and bobs lying about. Usual couple in the sheds themselves but nothing parked up in the back sidings by the tram line at all
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    I was genuinely wondering how difficult managing the stock shunting at Haymarket Depot must be now. Presuming generally roads are not long enough to keep a set formed when all parts at serviced (coaches and PCs)? I can't imagine coach ends being left open to the elements for extended periods...
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    Noticed there seems to be a Wabtec van parked at Haymarket most mornings. In banging the returns about? Quite a few refurbs on depot, interestingly very few Power Cars coupled up to them.
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    There was a refurb set sitting in the yard at Dundee (for most of I think) yesterday. Was it there for training or had it gone pop at some point?
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    Class 170401

    Out of the headshunt now (may have been since Friday) but still sitting unloved on one of the depot roads close by
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    Scotrail collects 2nd improvement notice

    Given recent poor levels of cancellations etc how close are ScotRail to realistically getting their backsides felt