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    Earliest last train…?

    Pilning to Bristol / Taunton 15.32 Saturday only
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    Rail Freight Flows and News UK

    Anyone know why Mondays Acton to Portbury stone train stopped short in St Philips marsh HSTD and hasn’t done anything else since? Haven’t been to see it but very weird.
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    Trivia - stations with too many platforms

    Bedminster has 4 platforms. As far as I know the first one has rusty tracks and I’ve only ever seen hst’s from temple meads turn around here once or twice in my life.
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    Trivia: Rebuilt/refurbished rolling stock subsequently unused

    I watched them strip down and work on a crashed Tyne and Wear metro set in Bristol days road shed for about a year 2-3 years ago, before chucking it outside under a tarp and then god knows what’s happened to it (all I know it’s been scrapped or just sat dead somewhere else)
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    Diversions due to line closures in the Bristol area (August 2021)

    Freight for Bristol freightliner depot and portbury via Westbury? Cant see that. Noticed the Portbury aggregate train didn’t run today so it’s probably on ice for now then.
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    Rail Freight Flows and News UK

    Just bumping this post back up as it’s quite hard to find now due to lack of action!
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    Diversions due to line closures in the Bristol area (August 2021)

    Anyone know / summise what will happen with freight during the BTM closures?
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    Trivia: lines which have never had brand new rolling stock

    Newton abbot to Paignton / Torquay? Exeter to Exmouth? Bristol to Severn beach?
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    Trivia - abandoned railways with intact track

    Newton abbot to Heathfield. Used to go to the Imerys plant. Only time I’ve see a train use it was 2006.
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    Rail Freight Flows and News UK

    There’s been a light loco going back and forth between Bristol Freightliner and Bristol East depot today* - a good 8-10 times. Only thing I can think is driver training for the recent new Stone trains into the freightliner terminal. *RTT says light loco, can’t be bothered to walk up the road to...
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    Aggregates trains working from Portbury 19/01/21 & 20/01/21

    Has anyone laid eyes on it yet? Missed it yesterday will have a look today.
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    Rail Freight Flows and News UK

    slang term for sitting on a bench to watch trains.
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    Rail Freight Flows and News UK

    Would make sense. Shipped stone is the most logical option. Going to go and bench it tomorrow at 4.30 it runs right by my house.
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    Rail Freight Flows and News UK

    They were either full size silver coal hoppers or shortened ones, couldn’t see through the trees. 100% not an engineering train. 6B58 colnbrook - portbury auto terminal gbrf 6A58 portbury - Acton yard gbrf