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    Edinburgh trams horns not loud enough

    Noticed the other day that the trams have a loud(ish) car style horn. Is this new or have I just never heard it before? Presuming it's new.
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    3 days in Auckland - shortish train journeys advice

    Like others have said, there are 4 lines all originating at Britomart station in the city centre. A map can be found here: All lines are no more than around 60mins end to end and are electrified with new trains. The only...
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    Free unlimited weekend travel with ScotRail

    Yes Inverness was a bit of bother but was helped with the gates being open on arrival so at least I only had it once when departing. Out of interest, did you have any problems travelling first class? The website isn't too clear as to whether first class season = first class weekend travel.
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    Free unlimited weekend travel with ScotRail

    Took advantage of this offer over the weekend. On Saturday I travelled through to Glasgow Queen Street and onto the 0823 all the way to Mallaig. I then caught the return 1605 back to Glasgow. Both units on the service were refurbished with the new seats. First impressions were of how firm they...
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    The newly refurbished set just past me on it's way to Dundee. Livery looks great.