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    Stonehaven derailment

    If a driver takes his/her foot off of the DSD while the master controller is in forward or reverse, an alarm will sound. The driver will then have approximately six seconds to replace his/her foot on the pedal before emergency brakes are applied. If after another 30 seconds, the driver doesn't...
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    Trainee train driver assessment day

    Hi Rachel, I'm glad to hear that you applied for a driving position, and good luck with your application. The first stage is the sift - the TOC deciding who they wish to invite to assessment, and this can take several months. Remember, TOCs get several hundred applications for each vacancy...
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    Wales and West livery

    I thought they just had Regional Railways with their name instead of the words "Regional Railways". But an image search reveals a livery for Wales and West (with a big 'W' motif) that I've never seen!
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    Third rail maximum current

    I believe each shoe can draw full power. The main advantage of having more shoes is that there is less risk of gapping (ie, the train is less likely to find itself with no shoes on a conductor rail and then, in essence, unplugged).
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    Third rail maximum current

    On 444s and 450s, I think there are two 800 amp fuses on the power train line? (One 800 amp fuse on each driving coach?) When working in multiple, the power train line is not connected (only the 110v supply is connected between units), so would that mean that two units in multiple would draw...
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    Third rail maximum current

    I believe the trains are fitted with 800 amp fuses, so less than that, I presume.
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    Charged for entering and exiting station.

    You are charged that automatically to avoid fare avoidance and fare evasion. However, you are entitled to a refund if you did not make a journey, and have not applied for this type of refund in the previous seven days...
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    Carriage type identifiers (or whatever they're called)

    Yes, Siemens Desiro are labelled in a non-standard way: 444: DMC1 (100) - TOSLW (300) - TOSL (400) - TOSLS (500) - DMC2 (200) instead of the would-be-standard: DMOC - TOSLW - TOSL - TOSL - DMOS (yes, DMC2 isn't even composite!) 450: DMC1 (100) - TOSLW (300) - TOSL (400) - DMC2 (200) despite...
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    What's your "pet seat"?

    In Thailand, the Thais call this "The best seat on the train": (Note the doorways of the passing train, too) (However, the RSSB are still not yet completely convinced that this is a good idea for the UK! :lol:)
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    Trainee train driver

    As others have said, it looks like you're in a talent pool. Unfortunately, it could be a very long wait. Yes, it's pending medical and signing of contract. And don't forget a criminal record check, too!
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    Is OPC MMI Pass valid for all TOC’s

    As others have said, an MMI is valid for all TOCS for at least three years, in some cases up to five. Both MMI and DMI are competency-based interviews (at least with most TOCs) so this is likely to be for a DMI. If you are unsure, it's worth checking with them. I hope that this is helpful.
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    Driver's favourite rolling stock

    Starting with my favourite in descending order: 458s! (love 'em!) + comfortable seated position + good view + strong brake + comfortable and responsive PBC however: -a slightly lower minimum braking position would be good, though, to prevent needing to release sometimes -TMS is a nightmare...
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    Trainee train driver assessment day

    Great to hear that you've been practising the Group Bourdon test - very rightfully so! On paper, I presume? I'd always recommend people use the computer tool to start with to get to grips with the task and get up a bit of speed, then move onto paper as that's what the real test will be like...
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    Trainee train driver assessment day

    From what I've heard, it seems that the Group Bourdon and the MMI are most challenging for most. Those are the two that I would really recommend people practise and prepare for the most!