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  • hello dunford bridge

    my name is jay thank you for replying to my post on the topic etc

    I know have a cheeky question do u have access to your saved application you submitted as by the looks of things I missed out on assesments by 2 marks which sucks

    if you can gain access to the application would u be kind to send me it so I can compare it with mine and makes notes. however as I no there is some personal details on there but i think these can be blanked out in adobe i just need to see really how you answered the questions etc

    you can tell me to get stuffed if needed I just want to get to the assessment stage on the next round of employment.
    if this is ok can you email me on [email protected]

    or if you don't want to send your application i can send you mine and maybe give pointers on how to improve it ??? ?
    kind regards

    jay roach
    Hi DunfordBridge,

    I have got a telephone interview for TPE in a couple of days and like you getting towards the end of my career before getting too old to apply. Wondering if you could offer any advice on what to expect?


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