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    UK Tram Systems

    On the French/Italian border Italian 3000v DC trains run in under French 1500v catenary. Given that DC power systems use no transformers (which by virtue of the fixed impedance of their HT coils impose a strict input voltage requirement), I wouldnt be surprised if 40-50% power could be expressed...
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    2015 Election Railway Pledges and Commitments.

    2 days to think of a riposte and.... this is the best you have to ask? Its more expensive than the current WHOLESALE price. My point was - and remains - that its still less than the current retail / consumer price for a lot of people. In a situation of shrinking supply of energy prices rise...
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    2015 Election Railway Pledges and Commitments.

    And in doing so have proved me right, I regret to point out The floor price is £92 per Mwhour. Thats Mega-watt-hour Not, as you stated, £92 per Kwhour There are 1000 kwhours to the mwhour. Price per Kwhour therefore 9.2 pence Which is less than a lot of us already pay our suppliers for...
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    57009 & level crossing incident at Lingwood (LGD) Norfolk

    If they used cl.31 on sprayer trains instead of cl.57 the gates would have done their job
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    Wimbledon & Sutton Railway - who wants it as part of their network?

    Maybe its time the non-tube LU lines were transferred to London Overground That way there wouldnt be a distinction of operator between 'District' services where they meet expanding LO services in the south and Met services when LO comes knocking for the Marylebone-Amersham Chiltern services.
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    2015 Election Railway Pledges and Commitments.

    Without wishing this to seem partisan (I'm not Scottish), I feel that on the grounds of electoral representation & likelihood of being part of a coalition, the SNP is a party worthy of inclusion in the debate, while UKIP may be worthy of exclusion
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    Unusual stock in normal liveries

    is a pair of London Transport Cl.20 odd enough to qualify?
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    Steam in Commuter Service. Can it be Done?

    Several since that time. But this was before it became nominally preserved, and was an unscheduled use of a vintage LU locomotive to haul BR stock in revenue service. Its documented in the 1995 or 6 'steam on the met' handbook as having happened due to wheel-spinning DMUs causing delays, and...
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    Steam in Commuter Service. Can it be Done?

    In one winter in the 70s, Metropolitan Railway electric locomotive 'Sarah Siddons' hauled several early morning BR commuter services over the Harrow-O-T-H to Amersham section as it coped a lot better with ice and snow than the Class 115 DMUs did 60-year-old electric locomotive on its last...
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    Velaro UK construction progress (New Eurostar rolling stock)

    Yet 39 year old HSTs will be welcomed in Scotland soon.
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    Long term plan for Chiltern's Mk3 "Heritage" rake.

    Why would they swap locomotives which can haul their Mk3 carriages for power cars which cannot? Mk3 loco hauled and HST trailers are not interchangeable, they arent even electrically compatible. Even if they managed to refit TDM to some of the buffered HST PCs from which it was removed years...
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    Is a single railcar a train?

    a QA is a carriage. Quad Art + N2, now thats a train.... the DLR case is harder since its self propelled I prefer the old definitions, train for a 2+car DMU, EMU or locomotive + hauled stock of any sort, light engine for a locomotive alone, railcar or tramcar for anything else. The word...
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    Loco-hauled MK3 set in Blue & Grey

    it exists - I've seen it at Marylebone on a Chiltern service..