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    West midlands day ranger

    can you go first class on a ranger ticket carnt find any info about class
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    Newquay-man pic

    :idea::idea:Was the man pic-newquay today a hst???:idea::idea:
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    West midlands day ranger

    West Midlands Day Ranger A West Midlands Day Ranger ticket allows you unlimited travel by train in a day anywhere shown on this map below. You can travel on any of the following train operators' services within the validity area: London Midland, Northern, First Great Western, Arriva Trains...
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    My Top 10 Railway Station to trainspot

    i will be going on tuesday tamworth
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    My Top 10 Railway Station to trainspot

    is tamworth good??? never been, would u recomend??? i live in crewe and get most of the stock at tamworth but what else do you get there?
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    Train Trip

    both would be good trips carnt you go blackpool-preston and then get the sleeper to aberdeen/inverness and then come back on a late morning/early afternoon train.
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    Hst 29th may

    can anywhon post the link to crosscountry journey planner i carnt find it
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    Hst 29th may

    i will go to stafford and see ;I
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    High Speed 2

    What trains will run on HS2?
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    Hst 29th may

    so the newquay-manchester this saturday wont be a hst
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    Hst 29th may

    Hello i was planning to get a hst stoke-on-trent to stafford does anywhon no the times for the east coast set and does it run on saturdays? :)
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    Xc hst times?

    does the hst go via crewe or any hst
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    Tropical Devon

    nice shots of dawlish warren will be going in june.
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    Virgin Traveller Club

    what do you gain in the travellers club?
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    how do you get to paddington??? by crewe i may be intrested thanks for the support everybody :D