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  • Mine went on for about 1 hour 15 mins lol but we was laughing and joking about a lot and when off topic a lot but that was good, made me feel so relaxed, was the weirdest funniest interview I've had lol
    I didn't get ask 1, 5 or 6 but the rest I did, I also got asked about a scenario which I posted on the other thread so you might get asked that, just be honest and don't let them try and trick you to change your answer, stick to what you said.
    I know I've already asked you this but are the questions that they asked
    Why do you want to work in the rail industry
    Are you familiar with the depot driver role
    Do you have experience of shift work
    Do you have hobbies
    How are with coping with boring repetitive tasks
    How are you with coping with stress
    How do you think you would cope with a fatality

    This is what I am focusing on
    Hey, no not heard anything yet :( hopefully hear this week. I applied for ilford but they offered me ilford or Colchester, Colchester would be better but eithers good :)
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