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    Merseyrail Class 777

    They were ordered in December 2016 with deliveries in mid 2019 and entering service in 2020. The first one was delivered to the UK in Jan 2020 which while later than intended isn't terrible, its difficult to compare from there due to covid.
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    Class 701 'Aventra' trains for South Western Railway

    I think this is a case of no PR is the best PR, admitting fault would bring a lot of attention to them while pushing this all on Bombardier while not wrong wouldn't go that well with the former Bombardier employees which have joined the company. If they had loads of confidence then the...
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    Windows or Chromebook?

    Not really. Most workarounds are when the machine has not been setup properly, Windows will not let you install applications, access folders etc. without permissions. I've seen it before where instead of restricting access to a folder the IT admin has just set a background application to close a...
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    Class 379’s departure from Greater Anglia

    Is this coming from inside GTR rather than the RailUK Forums rumour?
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    Class 701 'Aventra' trains for South Western Railway

    Indeed. To be fair they have built a lot of the 701s, they just don't work and aren't built very well.
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    Trivia: Named locomotives that can't visit the city they are named after

    Probably, the book is still named after the place it at least its castle though. The class 87 naming still seems a bit mad, William Shakespeare seems an odd choice in name.
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    Trivia: Named locomotives that can't visit the city they are named after

    Not only has the line never been electrified but the (now re-opened) station was closed in 1965, they started building the 87s in 1973. BR must have been pretty desperate for names.
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    Class 345s and automated "auto reverse": Problems with it and whether it was a good idea to begin with

    Crossrail has: TPWS - on GWML and the GEML bits CBTC - Crossrail core ETCS - Heathrow Branch (plus I think there is overlay on a bit of the GWML?) CBTC was used in the core because TfL already use it elsewhere on tube lines and auto reverse. Worth looking at Thameslink ATO which is based on...
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    Collision and derailment near Salisbury (Fisherton Tunnel) 31/10/21

    I'm assuming the driver should treat it as a red if the signal has lost power completely and is not lighting.
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    Autumn refresh for GWR Class 166 Turbos

    Isn't their a technical reason to the 165s and 166s which requires 3+2 in the centre?
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    80x seating - Fainsa vs. what Lumo/Avanti are using

    Also got to be reasonable, that would be very expensive.
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    80x seating - Fainsa vs. what Lumo/Avanti are using

    Not really FirstGroups fault. For the 800s DfT specified the interior and it was too late to change for GWR, for the GWR 802s the DfT insisted on them having the same interior as the 800s. For the HT and TPE 802s Hitachi were pretty limited in capacity (otherwise TPE would have likely gone all...
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    Why are the Class 70s a Micro Fleet?

    Freight generally uses the locomotives for much longer and rebuilds old ones as its much cheaper than buying new. The 68s and 88s were ordered as DRS also wanted to use them on passenger services.
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    HS2 Rolling Stock Contract Award

    Not unexpected with these types of contracts. It will be interesting with how this ends up, Siemens do have some good points with the 80X cracking and Hitachi & Bombardier are probably not very popular with the DfT right now given the cracking and Bombardier's delays (701s especially... )
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    Mesh WiFi networks?

    It was, my friend found that he would get lag spikes but only when that was on.