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    Hello Seagull Sorry to bother you and do apologise for dropping by. I have been reading the...

    Hello Seagull Sorry to bother you and do apologise for dropping by. I have been reading the Avanti thread closely too and saw your post. Is it possible to Pm me the roster too and earliest start and later finish timings for Euston if possible. I would really appreciate that. Kind regards, Evoice
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    LNER Trainee Driver Jobs

    Does anyone know the earliest start and latest finish at Kings Cross? TIA
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    LNER Qualified Driver Kings Cross

    Sorry to interrupt. Making me think too now. This is some great information. Just to add some more question to that if you don’t mind. Do they have any Taxi/Lodge arrangements for very early starts or very late finishes. Would greatly appreciate your reply. Thank you
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    Anyone from or know about dartford area

    Hi everyone, I am about to start as a trainee train driver next month. Unfortunately, southeastern doesn't give parking permit to trainees. As I live in Essex, I have no other option other than use my car. I did spoke to recruitment and was advised to have a chat with my manager when I start...
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    Got a start date for southeastern trainee driver :-)

    Big congratulations coxie. I believe you will be starting from 6th July. If so, see you there :). You should get your contract offer pretty soon. No car parking facilities for trainees in the training centre I am afraid. You get a temporary travelcard for SE trains only though. Well good luck...
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    GTR or Southeastern advice needed

    First of all I would like to thank each and every individual who took their time and responded. This forum has been the backbone for my success. I got my contract offer from SE yesterday which I will be accepting it. I also had given the interview for GTR which I did pass. I went for the...
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    Southeastern Assessment Info

    At last... applied in 2013, passed the test in august 2014, passed my DM interview last month and medical last week. Now just waiting for the contract details ..Course starts in July 2015 :) Thank you guys for your help :D
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    [Applications closed] LOROL Trainee Train Driver New Cross Gate (x18)

    Same as stated by l0cOmotive, plus there are some extras: 1st stage : situation judgement test (SJT), driver fault finding test (DFFT) 2nd stage : Visual search exercise (VSE), Multi modal interview (MMI)
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    Driver manager interview

    I believe it's for thameslink. If yes then your friend is correct. It's just common sense really. Similar to how do you hill start your car. As everyone says, maximum preparation for company and its related information. Also lots of examples. Good luck. Be calm and relaxed.
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    GTR or Southeastern advice needed

    Thanks guys for the response. Very helpful. Apologies if I may have confused anyone. Well the topic was GTR or SE just to know the positives and negatives. Also, my question was whether I should attend the interview with GTR? Thanks notadriver
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    GTR or Southeastern advice needed

    I was told 48000 annually with SE after 2yrs because of the new pay deal which kicks off this year. But not sure how true it is.
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    GTR or Southeastern advice needed

    Thanks everyone. Might call GTR to withdraw my application then. As HLE said about commute, even during my interview the managers did told me that if any incident occurs, your commute is also taken into account. So thanks for reminding me again :)
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    GTR or Southeastern advice needed

    Hi guys. Need your help. I have already been offered a trainee driver job with southeastern starting in July pending medical which I am not worried about. I have also been invited for a managers interview with GTR. I am a bit confused as to attend this interview or not. Both companies have...
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    Trainee driver jobs

    Cheers guys ..prepared but Bit nervous though :)
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    Trainee driver jobs

    Hi 1stch0ice, first of all many congrats. Just wanted to ask whether southeastern DM interview consist of any competency based questions or are they like about why train driver, about the company, about yourself etc. Got the interview coming up.