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    Treatment of students at universities

    I would like to revisit this post when England & Wales universities reconvene. The problem is not Wee Nippy but timing. Virus clusters at French universities a worry for returning students
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    England & Wales Tracing App to be released Sept 24th

    Here is a BBC News article which addresses the question of confidentiality of data. About 11% of the Scottish population have downloaded it so far Is it confidential? Yes. The app uses anonymous codes or "keys". These will be exchanged between phones via Bluetooth but they contain no personal...
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    The Quietest Route From Glasgow to Edinburgh?

    With respect - them's the fares we use every day, whatever we call them!
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    The Quietest Route From Glasgow to Edinburgh?

    From Scotrail website - see above
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    Do you have a railcard?

    Should you not also include local authority or country-wide concessions like Saltire Card?
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    Airlines cancelling flights due to lack of demand

    There is a useful thread on this topic on Flyer Talk
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    Scotland - Are we attempting the impossible?

    Have you considered the 'nationalist camp' might simply be following the advice of the World Health Organisation?
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    Scotland - Are we attempting the impossible?

    Norway with policy similar to Scotland and Sweden, two neighbours with open borders “Comparing Norway and Denmark to Sweden, the lockdown measures have been dramatically effective in reducing the pressure on the healthcare system. If Norway and Denmark would have followed the Swedish example...
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    Government Awarding of COVID-19 contracts to Cronies

    If like me you are gobsmacked by this situation you can donate to The Good Law Project who have started legal action to challenge the Westminster Govt. Please follow this link:
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    Alberta (Canada) to Alaska Proposed New 1600 mile Railway

    True, but the Canada Govt has prohibited additional tanker traffic from BC hence the business case for Alaska for Alberta exports
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    Alberta (Canada) to Alaska Proposed New 1600 mile Railway

    Thanks for starting this interesting thread! According to this analysis it's not only about trains to the 'lower 48' but providing new direct corridors to Asia for Canadian exports via Alaska: "The project is being driven in large part by a need for new export routes for Alberta’s heavy oil...
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    You make an excellent point illustrated by this recent incident in Glasgow In today's coronavirus briefing the First Minister of Scotland expressed her frustration in no uncertain terms about...
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    The Quietest Route From Glasgow to Edinburgh?

    Scotrail has a webpage showing 'Less Busy Trains' by route: I don't know how up to date it is but it's also worthwhile tweeting them for advice
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    The funniest train in the World?

    Random image from Pinterest. Does anybody know which country this came from?
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    TRIVIA: What is the furthest you can travel all the way by train from London?

    Details here on Seat61: