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  • Hi Ferret
    I traveled without a ticket and was caught by fare inspector of FGW. During my conversation with him I was told to tell truth and be honest so that he can help me. I also asked him that I am ready to pay the fine. However I received a letter from their prosecution team about intention of prosecution and taking me to magistrate court. . They have asked me to respond back with honest and facts within 21 days. Need your help please as I am so tensed and scared. I need to write to them apologizing for my mistake and telling them that I had full intention of buying ticket. I was running late as my wife was waiting for me ( she is pregnant), and was not very well due to which I had to rush and could not afford missing the train. Due to that tension I forgot to buy the ticket. However I do realize my mistake.
    Is there any way an out of court settlement can be done between me and FGW. Can you please advice me what to write to them.
    I boarded the train from wokingham and realized i had misplaced the ticket.I was in the last carriage of the train and tried knocking the door of the gaurd. no one answered so i started looking for him by walking towards the front of the train I am sure there will be CCTV to sustantiate what i say.I was stopped by the revenue inspector and i told him of my situation. he however did not listen and took all my details.I did not understand his language properly and he made me sign on some papers It was dark so i did could not read what he wrote.He did not give me time to look for my ticket in the bag.I found my ticket after he took all the details in my bag and also a receipt of the another ticket I had already bought from blackwater to reading
    I was in a horrible state of panic and did not know what he was asking.I provided him with my correct address and phone.I was in a shock into panic but had he given me enough time i could have found my ticket in my bag
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