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    First Bus Refurbishments

    They certainly do look quite smart. These new interior refurbishments do seem to be a surprising if somewhat smart departure from the days of old / other large Opcos...
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    Trivia: Lost modern "classic" liveries

    I'm surprised there hasn't been much mentioning of another former South Western operator yet, in the form of the later Western National "Badgers & Flags" livery. A Livery which, in my opinion, would still look good on any modern vehicle to this day...
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    Locomotive Services Fleet (LSL) Thread

    Not if you've moved those GW First Class seats. Besides, what really would be the point if LSL want the interior of those? The GW TF's were available first, fairly recently before being stopped had all received C6 Overhauls and chosen because of their interiors - still widely considered some of...
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    Locomotive Services Fleet (LSL) Thread

    It really would depend on what they would want them for, we already know that they've taken a predominantly ex FGW TF Mk3 Fleet to cater for the Pullman Dining type market which seems to be their core business.
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    GBRf acquire three Swedish '66s'

    Looks like it's taking the long way around to get to Eastleigh then, or No Rush-rail in this case!
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    Greater Anglia Bombardier Aventras (Class 720): Technical discussion and introduction

    Mileage Accumulation runs to be conducted on the West Coast Mainline. It'll be "stationed" out of Wolverton while it's taking place I believe.
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    First Bus Refurbishments

    I do rather have to agree with you on that - I first came about it probably either on a Wrightbus Renown (Excellent vehicles) or the Plaxton Pointer 2 darts - it still looks good in those! Speaking of different First Group interiors, I came across this shot on Flickr of the new Glasgow Airport...
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    Sleeper coaches - current status.

    While my post is as accurate as I could make it, this excellent thread / table by @Phil Scott will probably provide you with more info as to which vehicles are where. As for ownership, Porterbrook is the owner of the Mk3 Sleepers.
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    First Kernow

    It's certainly moved around a fair bit, as I had it in 2016 & 2017 into HMS Sultan while working out of Portsmouth!
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    Class 701 'Aventra' trains for South Western Railway

    The barriers have moved up from Eastleigh to Derby so highly likely to be the next delivery! A Video has also appeared of the test runs at Wareham. One thing thats noticeable is how loud the compressors seem to be on these - are the other Aventra's just as noisy?
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    East Midlands Railway livery and station branding

    Almost a full ex Wessex fleet there - just add in 355 and Ely becomes the new Exeter TMD.
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    Locomotive Services Fleet (LSL) Thread

    Thread update - two ex EMR PC's now at Crewe.
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    First Kernow

    Indeed, a far more comfortable and sensible design than the previous pretty awful (Fansia I think?) design before. I wasn't best pleased when this thing turned up at Truro bus station a few years ago on a run to Newquay. To say I was quite numb by the time I got to Newquay would be like saying...
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    Go Cornwall Bus

    Are PCB still using the /Flash brands? They all look rather smart, but seem to suffer at the hands of the usual Go-Ahead level of Indecision - whereby they finally settle on something before changing their minds again. And PCB does seem to be rather slow at painting vehicles into its red base...
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    HST coach disposals

    They are / have been for sale, but not advertised by either Porterbrook or Angel. So you'd have to make contact with them directly if interested.