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  • Hi there,

    I have recently applied for a conductor @ Selhurts for Southern ( y'day ) and got a email today asking me to attend an assessment day.

    As you have already had your assessment day or (AD for short) how was it?

    What tests did you go through?

    Any help would b appreciated.
    HI there ! i have interview for gateline assistant and i am glad if you can help me.I am sure I will pass all the tests ,but there a role play as well .So do you know what type of questions the ask?I think i will be stressed so I wont act normally:)
    Many Thanks
    Hi Mate,

    I was looking on the SEG website and they ordered a 'Jaffa' livery Class 411 CEP, off of Bachmann, now if Bachmann are ok to do private orders I was thinking of ordering a Network SouthEast or SWT livery in the next year or so. If this does go ahead I'll post some pics!

    Regards SouthEastern-465
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