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    Loughborough Junction - Brixton Curve

    Does anyone know how to look up if any regular trains pass over the Loughborough Junction to Brixton Curve? I can only think that the curve is used for stock movements or freight? Thanks
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    Greater Anglia Rolling Stock Updates

    Are the areas below the raised seats on a higher level than the gangway? Guessing the low ones are designed for people with limited mobility etc.
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    New South Western franchise: Awarded to First/MTR

    From the view that they have only just been ordered.. I don't see the 707's disappearing. Surely DFT would have taken this into account with the bids, maybe First/MTR put their bets on these 90 new vehicles also being Desiro City variants but with the toilets they should have always had, and...
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    West Coast friday chaos..

    Currently on the delayed 17:04 from stockport to euston. Just crawled through rugby 2 mins ago. Must give credit to the stockport station staff and this train crew. Smiling through the disruption and being very helpful. Was due to get the 17:23 with the dinner service (I always book first...
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    8.36 Paddington to Plymouth (Sat)

    I'm off camping in Cornwall at Easter, and i've booked my and my friend a ticket from London to Plymouth, then catching another train to Penzance (cheapest ticket I could find and only 20 mins longer than a direct train). I've booked onto the 08.36 (April 7th Saturday) from Paddington to...
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    Advance without Reservation

    Travelling from Manc to London once I only received the ticket part of my ticket and then the receipt. I was quite new to travelling on advance tickets so I didn't pay much attention, thinking maybe it had changed. Thankfully I had printed out my fast-ticket code and that had the time that my...
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    Weird and Wonderful Delays

    Travelling back from London on Saturday I was annoyed (but not suprised) that the train ground to a halt 10 or so minutes after leaving Euston station. The reason? A swan was on the train line and wouldn't move.. An hour late we eventually got on the way. Much to the amusement of the train...
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    Grand Central Discussion

    I was on a Grand Central train today, 16:50 from Kings Cross to Sunderland and about an hour into the journey it ground to a halt, shortly after someone came over the intercom to tell us that a window had been smashed. I think it towards the front of the train as I was in Coach C and staff were...
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    Buggies on trains

    And just how many cows do you see on British trains? (not counting the fat ugly chavs)
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    Virgin First Class lounges

    The last few times i've travelled between Manchester & London i've used the 1st class lounges at both ends on Advance Tickets with no problem (I wasn't aware there was one at some places?). The Manchester Lounge is exceptionally useful for a station where seating is limited to the upstairs...
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    First TransPennine Express - First Class - worth doing?

    A trolley which can move nowhere because the train is always so overcrowded! The last time I did Manchester - Nottingham I got on at Oxford Road so as to get a seat, and had to wait until people got off at Piccadilly before one was free. The poor people boarding at Piccadilly didn't stand a...
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    Manchester - Brighton.

    I'm going down to Brighton for a friends birthday on the 6th of February and returning on the 7th. I've found cheap enough trains, £13 single on the way down and £9 on the way back. However these require you going to London Bridge and catching a FCC train to Brighton. Anything routed through...
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    If Arriva were to lose the XC franchise...

    I've always been under the impression that Virgin wanted 7/6 car Voyager trains from the beginning, but the powers that be thought that shorter trains running more frequent services would do for the passenger numbers at the time. And somehow they thought that passenger numbers would remain...
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    Longest Route on the Cheapest Ticket?

    I managed Manchester Picadilly to Birmingham New Street for £2.65 over the late August bank holiday. They were still available the night before at that price! What gets me is that my bus ticket into Manchester from where I live was £2.70.. :roll: