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    What's the current situation with bars and cafes on stations?

    From what I could see, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Pret, Cards Galore, Bar Burrito, Hotel Chocolat, Café Nero The Paddington Bear Shop and Wasabi are open at Paddington, though with shorter hours posted in some cases.
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    Catering on board trains this Summer

    First Class on LNER last night was tea, coffee, water, cheese crisps and biscuits, available from a host in Coach M. Tea and coffee on request from the host. The crisps were self serve in a box on the floor, blocking the aisle between passengers and the host. Water and biscuits were from help...
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    Companies That You Expect to Disappear Soon

    Absolutely; I think that this is something that a lot of folks under (say) the age of thirty genuinely don’t realise. As an example, as a child in the late 1970s and 1980s, places like York had traditional pubs, some cafés and a smattering of Department store and hotel restaurants. Finding...
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    New routes from Teesside Airport

    It was bmi who flew the Teesside to Heathrow route, and shortly after Lufthansa’s full takeover of bmi, Lufthansa decided that the Teesside slots would be transferred to their nascent Lufthansa Italia operation, principally centred on Milan. The new route was shown in the schedules at the...
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    Companies That You Expect to Disappear Soon

    I would never seek to dismiss or even downplay the anxiety and economic impact that employees might face, but the point is that the whole sector has been spiralling towards this for years, and thousands have already lost their jobs over the past few, with 'the system' still steaming on and those...
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    Companies That You Expect to Disappear Soon

    This is really just a hyper-acceleration of an inevitable trend, caused again by massive over-expansion, crippling debts and huge overheads, which are themselves often a product of exactly the same factors dictating the commercial property rental environment. Hugh Osmond, who oversaw the...
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    Rail Charter Services to operate loco hauled trains between Skipton & Appleby.

    One direction only; the social distanding guidelines haven't changed sufficiently, presumably - but they may have learned more about the commercial demand.
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    Companies That You Expect to Disappear Soon

    Looking at the breakdowns, it’s principally trainee, bureau de change/foreign exchange and some head office staff positions associated with the former two cohorts that are under consultation. At the same time M&Co, the Scottish-based clothing and homewares retailer is expected to enter a...
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    Announcements overkill

    If you'd like to recreate the full atmosphere at home, Aviavox is offering free downloads of a special set of Covid announcements: I may see if it's possible to programme my doorbell at home to play the 'AviaVox - En - PSA-12 - maximum capacity'...
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    Trivia: I never knew they owned them...

    Costa is actually owned by Coca-Cola, not Pepsi.
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    Any updates regarding the return of on-board catering and reopening of lounges at stations?

    There's now a press release on the LNER website:
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    Aviation Discussion

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    Aviation Discussion

    I understand that flybe Embraer crews were not certified on the 5.5 degree steep approach.
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    Which Site mails you when Advances become available?

    Every system seems to have flaws. The Trainline one effectively screenscrapes itself to detect drops in fares returned from searches. It then assumes that this is the release of Advances. The LNER one doesn’t reliably email people (see Twitter for complaints), but then when it does, the fares...
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    Any updates regarding the return of on-board catering and reopening of lounges at stations?

    Aircraft ventilation is negative-pressure, top down and HEPA filtered for recirculation, analogous to hospital high-dependency units. Aircraft generally operate on a point to point basis, with a turnaround at each airport during which surface sanitisation can take place. Daily sanitisation is...