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  • Hi Bud, I noticed in this forum you got the job as a TM at Bournemouth. I'm a TM for GWR and thinking about applying for the vacancy at Bournemouth, was just being nosey in regards to the links i.e. How many Saturday's ? Earliest and latest finish ? Is Sunday in the working week ? Cheers mate
    hello mate congratulations.

    i didnt do my structured interviews at swt but at FCC so they may be different. they will ask you questions about competency in the job. you are looking at questions like...

    when have you dealt with an emergency
    when have you had to work under pressure
    when have you worked with a difficult customer or person etc

    you have to answer in as much detail as possible, making sure you explain what happened, what you did, how it effected the problem, how it made you feel, and what was the end result. having a look around this forum will give some much more detailed answers that are swt specific. good luck!
    Hi Francis, passed all my assessments today at Southampton. Really enjoyed it and hopefully will go back for the structured interview in 1-2 months time. Can you give any tips, advice on the structured interview. your blog is such good reading so please keep it up to date and well done on passing.

    Hi Francis, I just wanted to say thank you for such a great blog. I'm starting as a trainee driver at Basingstoke on 1st October, and reading your blog has been a regular treat during the last 18 months while I've been going through the application process! It's been great to have some first-hand insight of what I've got to look forward to.

    Good luck in your final assessment mate!
    hi Jph140. If you mean for SWT then the medical is held at their occupational health centre which is at Friar's Bridge Court near Waterloo station
    just to consider what you have available to you. you will just have to be compationate. also to offer to use the mobile that you carry to ring ahead. make some effort to try and plan their onward journey things like that!

    good luck
    Hi Francis,
    Its been a while, how are you doing?
    Just a quick question and I would be delighted to hear from you.
    I have my interview for the position of Guard, Waterloo next Tue. In the role play, supposing I was to deal with a passenger who is late for an important meeting as a result of train delay, what do you suggest would be the best way to go about the situation?
    Am just preparing myself and I really do want this job, please kindly help.
    Hi there! Just wanted to say good luck for Tuesday. I had a trainee driver i/v with Northern Rail on Thurs but suspect my VERY heavy and unexpected cold let me down. Anyway, knock 'em dead!
    whereabouts are you working ml? conductors come up fairly frequently especially at brighton and selhurst. barnham have just recruited but has a number of conductors coming up to retirement. i take it you have signed up to www.southernnet.southernrailway.com?

    that has the vacancy list on it under career opportunities!

    good luck

    I hear you are a Southern conductor.

    I worked as an Assistant Manager at Holland and Barrett and am now working nights with Southern RDR.

    How easy is it do you know to go from platform/dispatch nights to conductor?

    I have to wait 6 months before applying... how high is conductor turnover?
    Hello Francisoldfield, Train conductor is my dream job. I have always been wanting to work as a train conductor. So I applied for It. I am just wondering what sort of work experience they are looking for. what kind of questions will be asked during the structured interview? Many thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
    hey there, i read you got the job as conductor? is it with south west trains? i am starting in september too...
    Hi mate have you received the news about the Conductor job at Barnham? I got the email this evening about the assessment being on the 17th May? Hope you got yours too. Let me know. Best of Luck Dave
    Hey mate its Dave here. I from Southsea and currently applying for Brighton job also. Wonder if you wanna stay in touch and then join heads should any of us be lucky enough to get tests/interview etc. Cheers, Dave. ps I don't mind any of the ttd jobs they advertised, Im willing to move...but they told me only to apply for one to avoid clogging the system up. I heard other guys have applied for more than one post, how about you?
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