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    Government discusses campaign to encourage people to return to public transport

    That goes for me too. I detest wearing one and I find it very disturbing to see others wearing them. I used to use trains a lot for leisure purposes and was happy to spend quite a lot of money in the course of year in so doing. However, until compulsory mask wearing is abolished, I will not use...
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    Virgin Friday evening first class offering

    I was served fish and chips on Fridays in 1st a few times back in late Spring which was pleasant enough.
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    TOC's that hand out their own Card Holders (2019)

    I was given a 4 section London Northwestern one in the Travel Centre at Lime St recently. I’m not using it though
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    Most annoying aspect of travelling on Virgin Trains

    I do generally enjoy the experience of travelling on Virgin Trains for all of the positive reasons mentioned throughout this thread. Yes, aspects of the experience are irritating but the good generally outweighs the bad. True, I only tend to travel when I can sit in 1st class these days so maybe...
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    VT Breakfast Query

    Plus, I’m pretty sure that the 0945 from Wolverhampton is a Voyager so, not such an extensive breakfast offer
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    17:30 Glasgow Central-London Euston

    On the one occasion I’ve boarded this train at Carlisle I was told that the hot meal was no longer available
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    RailUK First Class Lounge Guide

    Yes, the Wolverhampton Lounge is now closed. There were notices up last week in there proclaiming “Great News” in that the lounge would be available to all customers from the 11th but I was on platform 4 yesterday afternoon and it was in darkness. Personally, I’m sad it’s no longer a First Class...
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    RailUK First Class Lounge Guide

    I have changed trains several times at Coventry station in the past two weeks and there’s been only one day when I found the lounge to be open. There’s a sign on the door saying that it’s shut because the intercom is not working.
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    Buying Rover Tickets..........

    How about buying them from the GWR site and having them posted to you?
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    VTWC 70 minute min journey for 1st Class refreshments?

    I've made the journey between Chester and Llandudno Junction twice during the past fortnight in 1st on the mid-morning trains and each time I've been offered the full range of breakfast items. Mind you, how you are dressed might affect the attitude of the 1st class host. On the one journey, an...
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    Go and sit in coach G

    I came across something new to me this morning upon boarding the 07.37 train from Glasgow Central to Euston on day 3 of an All Line Rover. No reservation was held by me as I intend to travel only as far as Carlisle. A member of the 1st class staff was going along and writing down all the...
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    Railway Freebie Stories

    I've had a few freebie upgrades from time to time plus a short cab ride, by driver invitation, in a nearly new train about 10 years ago which I better not elaborate on. However the best free thing that happened was in 2007. When on a Eurostar journey to Paris, a French guy opposite me started...
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    London North Eastern Railway First Class service

    I've not sampled the new menu but I travelled on the 07.55 from Inverness as far as Edinburgh this morning and I can honestly say it was the worst breakfast I've ever had on a train. Now, I'm not criticising the crew who did work hard throughout the journey but one told a passenger that they...
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    Automated announcements at VTWC (Virgin Trains West Coast) stations

    Oh yes, she had a really nice accent and tone which helped make her announcements clear and, even, enjoyable to listen to. By the way, after leaving that job, she became, for a time, a Train Manager for Virgin Trains.