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    Motorway services

    At least I can say I've eaten at a Little Chef (Colsterworth near Isaac Newton's farm). Can't believe they have gone. Recently, I've used Chievely (overnight), Cherwell Valley (daytime), Hopwood Park, Hilton Park and Keele (nighttime). All had social distancing measures and a one way system...
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    Trivia: Splitting big stations in to separately named bits

    Yes or Manchester Piccadilly Seedyside.
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    Trivia: Splitting big stations in to separately named bits

    Kirkby East and Kirkby West. Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Piccadilly Throat. Southport (Scouse) and Southport (Lancs)
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    Shack Attack 2020 - The Death of Redcar British Steel

    3 Aug Bicester North Banbury High Wycombe Bicester Village Didcot Swindon Reading Oxford 4 Aug Basingstoke Salisbury Axminster 5 Aug Westbury Taunton Bristol Temple Leads Bath Spa 6 Aug Romsey Eastleigh Fareham Southampton Central Brockenhurst Lymington Pier Bournemouth Weymouth Avoncliff...
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    New Station calendar

    Reading Green Park? Unless I had a lapse of concentration on the four times I've been on that part of the line this week, I've not seen the slightest bit of prep work on the ground nor anything more intensive towards getting that station ready this year.
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    Bicester Village announcements

    I'm still mystified by the attraction of Bicester Village. If they want to go to Oxford/London, surely there's enough shops providing what they want there without needing to stop at Bicester too. I wonder what extra languages they should put on the Metrolink when arriving at The Trafford...
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    Bicester Village announcements

    Announcements made at Bicester are made in English and another language from what I heard the other day. I presume it is Chinese. What is the history behind the extra announcements for Bicester Village?
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    Have your tickets been checked on your journey?

    Not at all apart from at the barriers at Bicester Village, Oxford, Didcot, Swindon, Bristol Temple Meads, Bath Spa, Salisbury, Basingstoke and Southampton Central. Definitely could have saved money with foresight but can't whinge. Had a great week.
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    Branch stations for a college work

    Let me throw Wrexham General/Central in as a bit of a curve ball.
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    Travelling on Crosscountry?

    I was at Taunton yesterday when a double Voyager failed as it's emergency brake kept coming on. We all eventually detrained and joined the preceding XC HST (to Edinburgh) and there was clearly no restrictions as we all rammed on, luggage and bikes too. An aside, I had a rover ticket. Can you...
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    FoSS Rover railcard query

    I've managed to use my railcard on returns and the Kenner Day Ranger as the ticket clerk used 16-25 instead but it's a bit of kick that he couldn't have also applied 16-25 on the FoSS too if he did it for the Kennet.
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    FoSS Rover railcard query

    Hmm. Guess I'll have to chalk it up to experience. I did think that it could be treated as a 16-25 as some systems haven't updated but it has been some months now.
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    FoSS Rover railcard query

    I've just bought a Freedom of Severn & Solent 3 in 7 at Basingstoke and was told my 26-30 railcard couldn't be used on it. (Other tickets I bought I was able to add my railcard to no problem.) Is this true?
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    How many National Rail stations are there currently in the UK?

    I'll agree with 2572. I'm yet to get to Meridian Water or Robroyston but will do MW only when Crossrail is complete as there's no point going all the way to London for one station.
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    Trivia: Nearest station you haven't used?

    Probably Bryn about 2 miles away. I normally just use Wigan as my railhead but have used most of the local ones when station bagging. Just can't remember using Bryn.