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    No direct train from Clapham Junction to Guildford on Saturdays

    Is there some engineering work happening? For the next few Saturdays in July I need to change at Woking, which isn't usually the case.
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    Crossrail - operating discussion and opening day 24th May

    Do the trains have weight sensors like the class 700s?
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    Crossrail - operating discussion and opening day 24th May

    So what's the quicker way from Paddington Elizabeth line to the Circle line ... up and over, or down via the Bakerloo line?
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    Passengers carrying LPG bottles on trains

    When I go hiking, I've carried a small camping gas bottle on the train.
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    Phone speaker noise on trains - have we given up completely?

    I don't understand why people have moved away from using headphones? Even a few years ago, no-one would dare play music out aloud without headphones, even if there's leaked sound like a sive. These days there are some people who probably don't even know what a headphone is :rolleyes:
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    Avanti West Coast Rolling Stock Updates

    Very very concerned about these new iron-board seats which are NOT at all suitable for long distance travel! Source:
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    Police stopping trains?

    Interesting! What time of night was this?
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    Will the number of rail enthusiasts decline in the coming years?

    IMO I think rude and difficult security staff are forcing rail enthusiasts out of stations and deterring new enthusiasts.
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    Medical incidents on board trains

    I once witnessed an epileptic seizure on train at Maidenhead. The train waited at the station for the ambulance to arrive.
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    Seat locations on the bus from worst to best

    Every bus passenger knows there’s a clear hierarchy of bus seats. But which are the worst and which are the best? Up front near the driver - Not only are you at risk of an old person squeezing in your seat and telling you their deeply-prejudiced views on Strictly, you’re exposed to every...
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    International travel for the unvaccinated

    Gibraltar sounds good but I think face masks are still mandatory there?
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    International travel for the unvaccinated

    I'm looking for holiday ideas for countries with no vaccine, testing or mask requirement. It seems like Ireland, Mexico, Norway and the Maldives look viable. But those rules can change any time? What happens if I book a summer holiday and the rules suddenly change? Can I rebook or get a refund?
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    Flying Scotsman- 17th March

    I've been waiting at Victoria for ages. it was meant to arrive on platform 8 at 0815 but was stuck behind a broken down train!
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    Will the number of rail enthusiasts decline in the coming years?

    If Geoff Marshall's videos are to go by, their popularity just shows how many railway enthusiasts are, not just train spotters.
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    Claiming back alternative travel because no train service was running?

    I was at work last Friday and when I finished there was no train service at all going from London Victoria, London Bridge, etc. I had to take a series of buses home. I already have a season ticket. Do you think I could claim back the £1.50 from Southern?