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  • Hi,

    Hope you dont mind me contacting you but I have my interview with Transpennine Glasgow on Wednesday for the trainee conductor role. I noticed that you were successful in your application but I am just looking for you to give me any tips or any advice about the interview and assessment centre.
    Thanks very much
    assement centre will include
    dot test (concentration)
    ticket checking test - dates/times/ etc..
    ticket selling test - arithmetic maths - 3.70 + 7.85 etc..
    role play - awkward customer scenario - act proffessional and give good customer service

    interview - think of some good life experiences from your past in life and in other jobs... full descriptions and how you/they felt etc
    hi there, no its no problem at all :)
    good luck with your assesment, make sure you are well prepared with the tests etc...
    they are looking for someone with life experience in a customer role... times when you have had to act beyond what was asked and go into detail about it... the interview is pretty much a life experience interview i.e - name a time when you had to disagree with a boss/manager... how did it come about... how did it end... what did you do.. etc...

    main thing is to do well at your assessment centre -
    Hello,I hope you don't mind me contacting you . I am going to attend an assessment for a trainee conductor role. I am wondering what kind of work experience they are looking for for this role. And what to expect during the interview? Thank you very much and looking forward to hearing from you.
    Hi, I hope you dont mind me contacting you but I have an interview with TP Express this week for a conductor role. I was wondering if you could give me any tips to expect at the interview? Many Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
    hi there mal.. thanks very much,

    im new to the industry, although plenty of experience in dealing with people and customers etc...

    what sort of shifts are there? on a weekly basis?

    thanks again
    hi Graham,

    Congrats on getting the position at Cleethorpes, Im a conductor there myself, if you need any info/questions etc drop me a line..

    Are you already qualified or new to the industry?

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