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    Has anyone made a journey by train in the last few weeks purely for leisure purposes?

    SWT and SWR haven't offered reservations on Waterloo-Exeter or Waterloo-Weymouth services for over a decade IIRC. Doesn't seem to cause any problems. If you get on at Waterloo just go to the front of the train - most people seem to pile on at the back. That's always worked for me off-peak...
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    Face coverings to become mandatory in shops in England (includes poll)

    The easiest option would be to make masks mandatory with no exemptions whatsoever from 12:01 am-11:59am, then entirely voluntary from 12:01pm-11:59pm (as on the railway, 12 noon and 12 midnight can be ambiguous). Anyone who wants to shop with everyone masked can do so in the morning; everyone...
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    Are there too many professional football clubs?

    This is of course partly a historic hangover - professional football developed in the industrial areas of Lancashire and the Midlands originally, with 6 Lancashire teams and 6 Midland teams comprising the original football league. It didn't develop in the south until much later and there were...
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    Face coverings compulsory on public transport in England from 15 June

    Whilst I am instinctively against face masks and will only wear one when compelled, I can't see them being around for that long, as they make it much easier to commit crime. If there is a spate of violent public robberies or worse due to the fact masks make it much easier to blend into a crowd...
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    Trivia: Lines which never closed with the most re-opened platforms

    I'm thinking of reopened or reinstated ones, as a measure of decline and revival of sorts. I would count a line as one with at least a daily service (Sundays excluded) calling at all the stations with reinstated platforms. I wouldn't really count any suburban stations at the east end of the...
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    Trivia: Lines which never closed with the most re-opened platforms

    A somewhat clunky title, but which lines have had the most station platforms reopened without the line itself ever having been closed to passengers? The Settle & Carlisle probably wins given eight stations with two platforms each closed in 1970 and reopened in 1986 (save that Ribblehead didn't...
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    Largest Station reduced to almost a 1 platform Halt

    Templecombe managed to go from 4 platforms before 1966 (two Waterloo - Exeter through platforms, one S&D terminus and one S&D through platform which was almost never used) to 0 and then back to 1 in 1983 when the station reopened. The down platform was then extended out so the up platform and...
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    How has lockdown affected this site?

    I think this is a big factor. Most regular posters on here presumably like railways therefore presumably like travelling by train for non-essential purposes. This obviously isn't currently permitted. Anecdotally (i.e. I have no evidence other than my observations), it seems to me a lot of...
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    GWR and Southeastern to offer free rail travel to domestic abuse victims

    The geographic description is a bit vague and obviously doesn't apply to all areas, but short of creating a map and explaining you can travel on services on specified routes but only with those operators, there's no real way of giving a better description. I suspect it may be rolled out by...
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    Why are some train lengths so short?

    And it isn't perceived to belong to a single geographic area so no urban area transport authority is pressing for improvements to its services. Exeter-Bristol generally isn't too bad out of peak hours - I've travelled over the route on Voyagers hundreds of times over the last decade (mainly on...
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    Trivia: Right hand running

    Yes - according to the Southern Electric site, as stated here: the plan was that the 2 hourly service would pass east of Salisbury, then on the move between Templecombe and Sherborne and then at Honiton...
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    Trivia: Right hand running

    Correct - the down line at Honiton has always been the default routing. The other loops at Chard Junction, Gillingham and Tisbury are all set with the up line being the default line - although Tisbury wasn't created until 1986. At Honiton and Gillingham the default line is the one next to the...
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    Trivia: Right hand running

    The suggestion I heard was that it was decided it was more beneficial to give down trains a faster run at Honiton bank by not slowing them to 50mph, than to continue using RH running. Every time there's a signalling problem, the loop seems to revert to RH running, so I think this is still the...
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    End of the Line for Weymouth Quay branch - March 2020

    It was only ever possible to proceed at walking pace anyway for obvious reasons - cars and trains don't play nicely together. If you were in a hurry it was faster to jog! (Admittedly if you were weighed down with luggage for the Channel Island ferry, you probably wouldn't be jogging.)
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    Tunnel length visibility

    Kilsby (2224m / 1 mile 666 yards) and Box (2939m / 1 mile 1454 yards) you can definitely see straight through. Those calculations might be slightly out as there are usually slight differences in exactly how long a tunnel is . Polhill Tunnel through the North Downs at 2370m / 1 mile 832 yards...