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    Unusual Diversions.

    Recently a late train from St. Pancras to Derby and one back at around 0350 used to do an interesting diversion but it seems to start from Luton now. Does anyone know why it starts from Luton?
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    Class 315 Withdrawals

    What does it do? Does it have staff on board apart from the driver?
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    Class 315 Withdrawals

    What was a class 313 doing at Stratford?
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    "Covid rising in England" - let's stop the fear mongering

    I was not aware that any such test existed? How long are you planning to carry on like this?
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    Shops & other venues that still insist on masks.

    If you seriously believe that, you should contact the police as they take incitement to murder very seriously.
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    "Covid rising in England" - let's stop the fear mongering

    Perfect response to that ridiculous statement.
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    Rail strikes discussion thread

    Out of interest, do you invest the money you save in something that is tax efficient such as a stocks and shares ISA?
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    How busy have your trains been?

    Trains on the ECML at York looked pretty much empty. York station was also very quiet.
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    Wembley post-gig 18/06

    What do you mean by "clear Wembley"?
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    Trivia: Zoological Stations

    Surprised Canary Wharf has not yet had a mention.
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    "Mystery" LNER set on platform 6 at York?

    Yes your correct. I just referred to it as "azuma" as in LNER without thinking.
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    "Covid rising in England" - let's stop the fear mongering

    The same people who kept them running during the covid pandemic.
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    Are reinfectons milder?

    I have had it twice. First time was Xmas 2020 when the "full fat" version was knocking about and i was laid up and felt terrible for a week or so. Second time was about 4 months ago but was the Omicron version which just resulted in a really bad cough for a week.
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    "Mystery" LNER set on platform 6 at York?

    Thanks. I thought it might be a Leeds divert but expected to find it on RTT.
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    I think beer would have to be involved for that to happen to anyone.