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    H/Speed Driver

    Work hard and don’t give up....your dreams will come true. Started on platform 5yrs ago after getting made redundant at 41, to get a foot on the ladder to becoming a driver. Worked hard, managed to get a Mainline Drivers job 2 1/2 ago and was offer a job on H/speed yesterday well chuffed...
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    Southeastern DMI

    Hi, Don’t mean to sound harsh, but your out to impress, the more the know in my eyes the better you look and it shows you’ve done your homework. Fingers crossed you pass and if you think that’s a lot of information to retain, you wait until you start your training. Good luck...what depot it’s for ?
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    Yes...lift tones and directory
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    Hi, can you private message, if so send me your Email and I will will send you the software if you want it. I found it helped me a lot
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    Hi, gutted for you that you failed. Are you referring to the lift tones test, if so there is some software on the internet you can purchase to help you practise.
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    When is too soon to contact recruitment? Any advice appreciated.

    Hi, In my eyes it’s never to soon on the railways. I probably wouldn’t be a train driver today if I hadn’t given them a call for an update. I thought I was down for 2 depots, when I phoned them up I was only down for 1. After the phone call within 3wks I had an interview for the depot I wasn’t...
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    Does anybody work for Southeastern?

    I work for S/Eastern
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    Train driver interview

    Hi, Train driver interview coming up. Struggling to think of some questions to ask at end of interview. Any advice would be much appreciated.