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    Unusual Reason for Delay?

    Must have been a Fe-line train. Ok, I'll get my coat!
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    Census 2021: any comments?

    Perhaps I shouldn't have opened the letter. It was addressed to Householder. There's no one of that name here...
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    Looking for Forums that cover short away trips starting with the Calendonian night sleeper.

    A few years ago the wife and I used the sleeper to travel from London to Fort William. We then stayed in the Travelodge in town for a couple of nights and then used the sleeper to return south. During our stay we did a bit of walking, but also took a trip to Mallaig and back on that route.
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    Concern Newcastle to Carlisle railway could be impacted by landslip

    I wasn't necessarily suggesting concrete blocks, but there are engineering solutions that the landowner may be able to assist with.
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    Concern Newcastle to Carlisle railway could be impacted by landslip

    You'd think that Cemex have access to materials to assist with some form of remedial work.
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    27's in the Highlands

    In the 1980's Channel 4 aired a programme called the Art of Landscape. It was basically a series of films with a soundtrack added. One notable one I remember is of Class 27 loco's working in the Highlands. Most of which seem to be the Mallaig route, as opposed to the Far North line. Youtube...
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    Your walks

    Undertook a walk of four counties yesterday, in glorious sunshine. Starting out from Stamford the route took me through riverside meadows and out into the country; heading through Lincolnshire, Rutland, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire. On the way you pass the site of Stamford Spa, with it's...
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    Which leisure based journey are you looking forward to after lockdown?

    Looking forward to get back to London, to continue walking both the the London LOOP and the Capital Ring walking routes.
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    A career as a signaller

    We used to have a Grade 1 crossing keeper, now retired, on 32% FP. He earned nearly as much as some grades above him.
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    NS Koploper units.

    Not certain if this list is up to date.
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    A career as a signaller

    They do say that you have to be in it to win it. I've had colleagues that went to locations like that as a secondment, and secured permanent positions - equally you could be returned to your previous role at the end of a secondment. Whilst I can't share details there are changes afoot in...
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    The "And in other news..." thread

    Source: Here I appreciate it was unfortunate for those people that slipped over in the inclement weather, but the evil person in me wishes I could've been there to witness the police chase. That just tops it off.
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    Pancake day

    The Mem has quite a few jars of the homemade jam in.
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    Pancake day

    Sweet filling here, usually strawberry jam. Also had blackberry vinegar in the past. This year the Mem had greengage jam whilst I had Sicilian lemon curd.
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    Diversion of 6Y19 today.

    Not always, though some routes / station platforms will be restricted to certain trains. This information is usually available as an instruction at the relevant signalbox.