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    What is training like?

    It's intense, as you say every company can be very different in their approach. By week 7 I'd had a tit full of being away from home all week and being bombarded with rules knowledge. My company expect you to work your way up and have experience in operations (shunting) already so the classroom...
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    Drivers bags.

    Oasis bottle is the one to have. Nothing worse than being looped somewhere the public can see when you’re busting for a piss
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    GBRf Rail Operator

    Which location have you gone for? I'm a TM at GBRf having worked up from RO. No sooner had I qualified as an RO it wasn't a few months before I was on a driver's course. It can happen quickly sometimes, they like to promote to the trainee driving grade from within.
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    GWR Class 800

    That is incorrect, they will do 125 on diesel eventually, they take a long while to get there. Easily get up to 110-115. What they lose in top end speed they make up for in initial acceleration. On Western Region lines they are not allowed to do more than 110 without the ATP activated.
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    Drivers daily routine

    Wake up at god awful time. Coffee. Book on by phone Drive hire car half way across the country stopping off for red bull. Relieve train Drive heavy train back half way across the country getting routed in and out of loops until reaching destination. Receive phone call saying your relief has...
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    Rude/miserable station staff - Newport

    If you feel so strongly about it why would you not escalate it through the proper channels rather than just slagging people off in a public forum? As others have said what did you expect...?
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    Traction/rolling stock currently built in UK for export

    And later in Muncie, Indiana.
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    Trivia: Class of train that has stopped at the most stations

    My only recollection of 158's on the valleys is having one on a direct service from Barry Island to Newport one summers evening, about 10-12 years ago I would guess.
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    GBRf 66737 and 66779

    I wish they'd follow colas' lead and get me one to play with haha
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    GBRf 66737 and 66779

    Us GB staff rate 37's... I actually don't know, had wondered but never asked.
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    TRIVIA- Most comprehensive route knowledge

    Got 560 miles on my card I know that much.
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    Driver routes

    I figure I sign about 565 miles which is probably about average for my depot. A few men have a lot more again.
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    Police route to train driver

    There's a long waiting list for internal candidates for GWR at Swansea I'm led to believe.
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    Freight Train Fire

    rather unusual for a 66 to catch fire isn't it?
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    Train Headlights

    I find the voyagers particularly dazzling and have to look away when passing one. I can imagine our 66's with the later brighter headlights are quite dazzling as well.