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    Tyne & Wear Metro Fleet Replacement: Awarded to Stadler

    I travel daily through the central belt at peak times, and whilst I'm usually able to board a train there are occasions (especially if there has been disruption) when I've been unable to get on to the first couple of trains due to crowding. Even then, it's a squash most days due to the way the...
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    Tyne & Wear Metro: Fleet Refurbishment List

    I see 4002 was on an airport run this morning. I nearly got on it, except that this morning Metro were running "A frequent service, but not to timetable" - meaning that every single train that came along was rammed to the gills.
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    Tyne & Wear Metro: Fleet Refurbishment List

    There's something going on between Gateshead Stadium and Jarrow too - rerailing, according to the nightworks page. No line closure in there. There's machinery parked up near Felling station. I'm guessing whatever it is they're up to, it's not as major as the Benton - Monkseaton closure -...
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    VTEC HST on the Durham Coast Line

    Of course! Thanks both - makes perfect sense.
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    VTEC HST on the Durham Coast Line

    Thanks Sidmouth. I'm just wondering what a VTEC train is going out that way in the first place - I know they're starting a Sunderland - London service, but that's not due to start until the 14th, I thought.
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    VTEC HST on the Durham Coast Line

    I'm used to seeing Grand Central ECS moves on the Durham Coast Line, but as I was looking out of my kitchen window this morning, I saw a VTEC HST trundle past heading towards Newcastle. I've never seen before. Does anyone have any idea why that might have happened?
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    Use of non-English languages on the rail network

    Wallsend on the Tyne & Wear Metro is reputed to be the only station in the UK with Latin signage!
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    Tyne & Wear Metro: Fleet Refurbishment List

    What colour is 4001? I was filling up at the Morrison's petrol station in Byker yesterday, and caught a glimpse of a whitish Metro going across the bridge behind me.
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    What are these elaborate 'access panels' for?

    Looking at the pattern of them, they seem to be symmetrical around the circular plate on the sixth panel in from the right. Unless someone knows better, I'd say that they're just there because someone thought it would look good.
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    Tyne & Wear Metro: Fleet Refurbishment List

    It's my understanding that 4001, 4002, 4040 and 4083 won't be refurbished. Nexus were trumpeting the early completion of the refurbishment programme this week, so there'll be no more done.
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    idiotic things said by bus companies

    A few years back, I had a run-in with a Darlington Arriva driver who refused to recognise a Plusbus ticket, despite being on one of the routes that ran past the station. On one occasion he grumpily allowed me on, having presumably got fed up with arguing over the validity of my ticket. On...
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    Tyne & Wear Metro: Fleet Refurbishment List

    I wonder if it's the PAYG Pop cards? I saw mention that yesterday's ticket machine issues were related to a software change - perhaps that was in the name of PAYG Pop rollout to the masses? I could be really wide of the mark, of course.
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    Tyne & Wear Metro: Fleet Refurbishment List

    Yesterday, seated at the back of a Metro, I looked up as we came into Jesmond and spotted that the single overhead line had split into two, running close and parallel to each other. This seemed to continue through the city centre, and I could have sworn it split into four parallel wires at some...
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    Why is standing worse on 'real' trains?

    Coming into this as a daily T&W Metro standee and former rail commuter, I can only echo the points made earlier in the thread - the Metro borders on being a pleasant place to stand. There's 1001 places to hang on to something, or prop yourself up - also seats do become available fairly...
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    Girls arm ripped off

    I think a potential problem here is that children often don't judge speeds and distances correctly - the same issue can be found on the roads. I'll concede that the majority of the references to this on the web say that children under ten have difficulty judging it, but of course every child is...