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    508212 to depart Eastleigh

    Doubtful all four would be powering, 1,200 off the juice is plenty for tootling into the docks.
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    Midland Mainline Electricification

    The test track is not closed, and the OHLE is not redundant.
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    Barrier vehicles. Purpose?

    Brake force or brake translation (usually known as translators rather than barriers).
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    DRS 47501 - Not Dead Yet?

    It's pretty much Blue Star with an improved jumper socket. We pipe their multi through Blue Star cabling using an adapter jumper. I don't know if this is because the pins have been changed or simply because the jumpers and sockets on the DRS system have a (much better) different connection system.
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    DVT Working Question

    I gather that the AAR modified ones still retain TDM equipment allowing them backwards compatibility. Same with DBSO's - originally only with 47/7's (which I believe wasn't actually true TDM, but a more limited version), then full TDM, and the ones left with NR were completely modified for Blue...
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    White Platform Trackside Boards

    If it's a green slider, then the track must be realigned to the measurements on the datum plate.
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    Euro Nazis

    It's those Commie Nazis we should be worried about.
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    Braking Rates

    Yes, should have been clearer - IRIS 2, return of the killer IRIS. I'm sure that's been preserved too though.
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    Braking Rates

    IRIS, the old radio survey unit. 101 DMU fitted with air brakes, apparently had very good braking performance.
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    What train did I see??

    That would have been why, specifically for the tripcocks so the areas where there are dual running can be tested for GSMR coverage.
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    What train did I see??

    Yes, I've done a lot of work in and out of Paddington. The NMT does a few turns to Swansea etc out of there regularly. I generally end up doing the night shifts in and out of Padd with MENTOR/track inspection coach doing the OLE/relief/goods line track recording.
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    What train did I see??

    Yes, a regular turn when testing the CTRL chords uses class 66's. A GSMR test train ran with 66's not too long ago, and I'm working an NMT cover shift with 67's tomorrow. Don't know what you mean about trip cocks, they're not needed on 3rd rail lines. If the 73's aren't available (as happened...
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    Which station can you see the train coming from furthest away?

    That's some of the straightest railway alignment I've seen. It's got to be easily 5 miles sighting in places. When I was a lookout, we could see trains approaching Hedge End whilst working at Eastleigh South Jn. If you called the warning upon sighting the headlamps, you could be standing for a...
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    Unpopular opinions

    It's so big because all the equipment is duplicated to conform to Channel Tunnel operating regulations.
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    What train did I see??

    UTU - Ultrasonic Test Unit - 4 of these, usually 31/Generator Van/Test Coach/DBSO. HSTRC - High Speed Track Recording Coach (now just the Track Recording Coach really, since the NMT was born), Mk.2f vehicle fitted with track geometry and radio survey kit. It was the original BR Research...