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    Class 345 progress

    Our latest email said they hope to get to 4 tph to Heathrow using only 345s by the end of this month.
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    Class 345 progress

    I noticed on my daily email it says only 2 Class 360s in passenger service today and 5T07 (9T07) came from Old Oak Depot. So a 345 looks like it's on its way to Heathrow.
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    Class 345 progress

    They have stickers inside the cabs saying what type of unit you have and where you/they can go. Eg. 7 cars only on Great Eastern and Great Western (Reading/Hayes) passenger services. No Heathrow or tunnel.
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    Professional driving policies

    Our new updated policy says we have to use at least 70% initial breaking. Even for just a second. This is in a similar unit to a 700 so I try to be as gentle as possible. Sounds similar to braking back mentioned above. We still have the old units around due to well known delays in a major...
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    Train driver quarantine question

    We were told that if we went away knowing we would have to self isolate when we returned then we would have to use annual leave or special leave unpaid. I will ask what happens now if we are allowed to travel and then the rules change whilst away.
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    Professional driving policies

    At 15mph they can just about get away with it during the peaks. 10mph would had required some tweaking, hence it was only reduced to 15mph.
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    Class 345 progress

    Don't hold me to this, but you may see them in passenger service to Heathrow within the next 7 days or so.
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    Professional driving policies

    Our TOC recently reduced the 20mph to 15mph at the magnet. They had wanted to reduce it to 10mph.
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    Crossrail opening delayed (opening date not yet known)

    I can confirm that none have been commissioned. The London end of platform 4 (towards London) has been commissioned at Romford. But only so the country end can shortened whilst the lifts are installed. The last I saw they were all due to be completed in the Summer of 2020.
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    Driver's favourite rolling stock

    I drive 315s and 345s. I must confess if you get a good 315 (which most are), they are a pleasure to drive. No continual beeping and alarms. Fewer things to go wrong. Can kick it and it works again. Lol It‘s a credit to MTR / GA Ilford how they’ve maintained them since 2015. Plus, just when...
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    Greater Anglia New Passenger Information Screens

    Funny you say that. I haven’t been able to get GTR journeycheck to work for a few weeks now. I'm also now afflicted by the new text to speak system and small CIS screens at my local GA station. Yay.
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    Trivia: Stations that still use CRTs for the information system

    The old CRT information screens at Gidea Park and Seven Kings have been replaced over the past few weeks.
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    Passenger power supply for PC's and mobiles.

    :oops: how embarrassing. Lol. I honestly thought they were called Retanus units. :lol:
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    Passenger power supply for PC's and mobiles.

    Very hit and miss. But Im on the 1339 home from Shenfield and they are working!
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    London Liverpool Street remodelling

    So it'll be going ahead then? Lol