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    Leeds Station Improvement

    it was done as part of the new semi-refurbishment/ refreshment.
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    Northern Class 331: Construction/Introduction Updates

    For those who take interest, the 331 PA pronounces Frizinghall rhyming with ‘frizz’, rather than ‘frize’!
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    Northern Class 331: Construction/Introduction Updates

    22:56 on Friday night was a 331. First ride for me. Yes it was standing room only. 1st impressions - not sure had had a beers!
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    Leeds Station Improvement

    Once the roof and internal cladding are complete, I understand attention will then turn to the floor. Apparently the current is said to not meet Network Rail’s slip/skid requirements.
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    Trivia; Pubs close to stations that show departure times on-screen?

    The Fox nr Shipley station has a screen with the Nat Rail enquiries website open for arrivals and departures at Shipley.
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    [Trivia] Journeys where Northern trains are decisively quicker than driving

    Shipley - Leeds is an easy one, id therefore include all Airedale and Wharfedale services. Bradford to Halifax and vv?
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    New Chester to Leeds service

    Is there any evidence of ‘Connect’ not happening, or is this just one of those internet chat/thread things that just snowball. If I remember rightly the 195s had pretty much been wholesale condemned on here just a matter of weeks before beginning service.
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    Transpennine Express December 2019 Proposals

    Can anybody explain why Hull (pop 260K) always gets the raw end of the service, I.e. stopped and only to Manchester, whereas Scarborough (pop 82K) gets the express and all the way to Liverpool services. Is it just inertia or the need to clock-face York? One would have thought an ‘M62’ service...
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    Connecting services for passenger trains.

    Possibly changed after timetable change? Was definitely ‘a thing’, and got paid out! Booked through employers third party system, but must just ‘scrape’ off nre or a toc?
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    Connecting services for passenger trains.

    A few weeks ago, I was on the 1833 ex Kings Cross to Bradford FS service on a journey to Menston. The advertised change for this service is an easy same platform change at Shipley for a Bradford FS - Ilkley train. The LNER was unexpectedly late ex Leeds and then sat for ages outside Shipley...
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    Northern Dec 2019 Timetable Bid

    A Bradford > Sheffield service linking both Halifax & Huddersfield would be nice. Given the populations along the line, this should already be a service but I’d guess the travel time would be 2hrs+ making it less than ideal for commuters, students etc.
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress (includes images)

    Interesting point this. I always wondered whether utopia TPE stock would be 5 car trains with 1/3rds doors and higher density seating in the middle 3 carriages and the 2 extremities being end doored and table seated. I know no such ‘train’ exists but sure not beyond the wit of the known mfrs.
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    Capacity problems Leeds

    I’ll remember that next time there are 15 of us stood in a vestibule!
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    LNER Azuma (Class 800/801)

    Congratulations to LNERs Marketing and Social Media depts.
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    LNER Azuma (Class 800/801) Diagrams

    Do we know whether, in time and full bi-mode introduction whether the 07:10(08??) Leeds - Edinburgh - Aberdeen service stays? Always seemed a bit of an odd one and a revenue earning positioning service (Neville Hill to York), given that I assume the majority of 800s will overnight in Doncaster...