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    Trivia - Contrasting Stations Served by the Same Train

    Taking the Settle to Carlisle line from either Leeds or Carlisle and alighting at Dent is certainly a contrast in surroundings!
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    May 2021 Timetable Change

    Hi CM, is this info available in the public domain yet? Thanks in advance!
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    LNER Tyne Valley Diversions-2020

    Seeing as it’s the eve of, I notice that Saturday’s 17 and 24 of October also have diversions, as well as the dates listed in the initial post.
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    LNER Tyne Valley Diversions-2020

    Any particular reason why 26/9 isn’t showing? Planned or systems just not updated yet?
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    Carlisle Airport scheduled flight details annouced

    The Airport posted this on their Facebook yesterday seemingly
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    Tyne Valley Line timetable updates

    Yes, surely it’s time to have the stoppers actually stopping at all shacks? Surely that’s the whole point of a stopping service!
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    Tyne Valley Line timetable updates

    The local newspaper has a piece about Gilsland station and it’s possible reopening gaining some ground. It plays up on the fact it would be the only station directly adjacent to Hadrians Wall, on this...
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    Northern Consultation Dec 2020

    Interesting stuff for those of us who use the TVL regularly. As has been mentioned in the post about the line, whilst the doubling of service west of Hexham was both needed and welcomed, the service east of Hexham and in the Newcastle area needs sorted - it’s currently a mish mash with 3 per...
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    Tyne Valley Line timetable updates

    Ah, that would make sense. Wonder what flow it will be? (I don’t do Facebook but thanks!)
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    Tyne Valley Line timetable updates

    Recently noticed some DC Rail Freight engines going up and down the TVL, looked like they were doing route learning or similar. Anyone any idea if this for a new freight path or such?
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    Preston Station Roof (Mon 13th Jan)

    Doesn’t sound good! A drive down the M6 for me this morning by the looks instead of sampling Avanti for the first time!
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    Tyne Valley Line timetable updates

    Confirmed none via East Coast:
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    LNER Diversions Tyne Valley Line (2019)

    Just booked a trip for Saturday to Newcastle and it appears the east coast diversions are on, any idea how many weeks? Far more comfortable than playing 142 roulette!
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    Tyne Valley Line timetable updates

    I was speaking to a guard on a service this week, he seemed to think Connect was highly unlikely come December, certainly via the ECML.
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    Carlisle Station - Viaduct Ramp - Open for Pedestrians?

    Little heads up for those who do use the Viaduct car park when heading to Carlisle station, it’s now free parking after 3pm under a new trail introduced by the local council. Every little helps!