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    What is a ‘deep clean’?

    I would recommend that one you have found out what a deep clean is, email Northern to tell them as they don’t have a clue :)
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    Northern 323s refurbishment and cascade

    17 and then the rest are going to storage.
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    I think they are going to Edge Hill to be pieced together if not Edge Hill it will be somewhere close.
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    GWR Class 319 / 769 information & discussion.

    No, there are currently no class 769’s in service, however Northern operate a few class 319’s out of Liverpool Lime Street.
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    Avanti first class meals

    If I am honest with you, I am unsure... Normally I am rushing for the train and don’t get a chance to sit in the lounge.
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    Avanti first class meals

    I am currently sat in the First class lounge in Euston and I can assure you that the wine and beers is no longer complimentary, I am unsure about onboard the train though but I will post later once I know for my self.
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    Avanti first class meals

    Thank you!
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    Avanti first class meals

    From what I am aware the first class lounges only provide hot drinks and non alcoholic beverages however I am unsure about onboard the trains.
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    Avanti first class meals

    Does anyone know what menu it would be on the 20:07 departure from London to Liverpool, would it be classed as evening meal or late evening? I am travelling next week but don’t know what to expect and the website is no help...
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    Experiences of TPE journeys on their new 'Nova' trains

    I agree with you about all TPE staff, they are always happy to go above and beyond to help everyone, they are also very polite and patient with people.
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    Class 350/1 refurbishment

    I’m pretty sure the 350/4’s were ordered specifically for TPE but they were just added onto London Midlands order, which would make perfect sense as they are both from the same leasing company, I know this has been mentioned previously on another thread.
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    First Trenitalia (Avanti!) WCML branding, naming and livery

    I seen two in the flowing silk livery yesterday when I was in Carlisle but I also seen a few plain ones two, unfortunately I didn’t see their numbers.
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    Northern Unit Refurbishments

    Northerns original numbers were changed months ago when they ordered a few extra CAF units and agreed to swap out the class 319 with the much better class 323 so it is pointless sticking to the numbers that was agreed on the original franchise agreement, further more to keep things simple their...
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    TPE Nova 3 (Class 68 + Mk5s) Diagrams (no images please)

    I don’t suppose there are any class 68’s out today? I am hoping to catch one from Liverpool to Leeds if possible and hoping for a class 802 back.