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    Farewell Silverlink, MML, GNER and VXC

    Don't forget on the 13th it's also farewell to non high-speed eurostar workings, and farewell to UK's most powerful ever 3rd rail locomotive(3rd rail capability will be removed after the HS1 switchover). :(:(
  2. J redesign

    Hi there, I've done a rather radical redesign of my site The whole thing is built in javascript using the Qooxdoo toolkit. Only part of the content is on the main site, but the UI is broadly complete. Please let me know a) if it works b) what you think of it. The old...
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    Google Trends

    Google Trends is a system which shows how many people use different search terms and where they live. You can find it at I was playing about with Google Trends the other day when I noticed a few things. Why is it that only British people use the search term 'trains'...
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    Most Interesting Station in Southeast Wales Area

    Looks like I'm going to have a free Sunday on the West side of the Severn Estuary pretty soon. Since I don't have much idea of the Train services in that location, which station would be most interesting to go to, variety of Rolling-stock wise? Thanks for your help.
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    New Video Site

    Doesn't that make it worse?
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    New Video Site

    Ok, 2 different sagas here! I will correct the 142 asap. That particular clip is quite short becuase another train came in front of it! The 317 was taken in portrait rather than landscape. I rotated it so it was the right way up using VirtualDub, but Windows Movie Maker which I use for titling...
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    New Video Site

    Hi Folks, I've just launched a new Rail Video site which Jordy has kindly put in the sticky above. Basically I'm trying to collect a video of each class of train on the UK network, so if people wonder 'what does xxx sound/look like?' they can find out. I've also put...
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    What type of route do you prefer?

    Wow that was quick... you must have posted after the thread appeared but while I was typing the poll !
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    What type of route do you prefer?

    You never know, one of these days I might get round to building a route. I wondered what sort of route people prefer. Please Vote ;-)
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    Where is this station sign?

    Correct. :cheers: I just thought it was ammusing that there are actually 2 Charing Cross stations on the network!
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    Where is this station sign?

    [EDIT] On what part of the railway network would you find this sign?(Just 'Charing Cross' obviously isn't good enough!)
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    BVE Changes name....

    BVE no longer stands for 'Boso View Express' - it now stands for 'BVE Trainsim'. This seems to be because mackoy realised no one knew what 'Boso View Express' actually meant... :D Reproduced below is a transalation of the announcement
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    Class 87 update

    Thanks for your feedback. I made a mistake typing in the release date on the website - I've fixed that now.
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    Class 87 update

    Hi, I've released an updated version of the BVE 4 Class 87 with a night cab and improved acceleration. Hopefully you should be able to run it in Maybank on time now! (Unless you are like me and keep getting caught by the TPWS :) ) You can find it at Please let me know...
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    Boosting train performance

    Hi, I'm trying to boost the performance of my Class 87 loco, as some of you may have noticed it hasn't got a hope of reaching 110 mph. I've tried changing the acceleration values and Cuttoff speeds in the Train.dat file editor so there is a reasonably flat curve for the top notch right up to...