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    Avanti Careers

    From my own experience, I have to disagree with what you have said. I joined as a trainee driver with no previous railway experience, no university degree and didn't know anyone in the industry. Also on my trainee drivers course were a number of people who were over 50. Further to this, my...
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    Gwr delay repay - they say weather but announced signalling and won't refund

    Thanks for your replies. Shame I can't get anything back!
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    Gwr delay repay - they say weather but announced signalling and won't refund

    Thanks for all your replies so far. My journey was from Plymouth to Reading and I arrived just over 30 minutes late into Reading (so within Thames Valley area). How do I find out the true reason for the delay? On board it was announced that it was due to signalling issues yet gwr tell me it was...
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    Gwr delay repay - they say weather but announced signalling and won't refund

    I Travelled on the Plymouth to Reading GWR service at 1503 on 23rd November. The train was delayed and the announcement on board was due to a signalling issue near Exeter St. Davids. Applied through their website for a refund however they have come back to me and said delay was due to adverse...
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    Trainee Train Driver - Virgin Trains East Coast

    If you'd read my earlier post you would have known what happens on the assessment day. We were also told no one would hear anything until at least a week after the second assessment day (running tomorrow I think.. 13th)
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    Trainee Train Driver - Virgin Trains East Coast

    To save 100 people asking the same questions, the day consists of 3 group assessments and a Q and A session. The 3 assessments are not based on trains, there is no preparation that you can do for it, all you can do is be yourself. There are no individual interviews and no way to get...
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    Northern advertising for Leeds Trainee train drivers

    It would be an issue when they send your contract out I imagine? Or any other documents
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    Some guidance, before I waste my own (and other people's) time.

    Rather than thinking about what you are leaving behind, think about what you may / may not be doing. I'd say don't just do the job because you don't want to be in the police, it's a job where you will be working on your own for long periods of time, is this something that you would suit? You'll...
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    Likelihood of trainees required at Darlington for Northern?

    I applied as an external but haven't heard anything
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    1st train driver interview

    Research the company, research the role and ask yourself why do you want to be a train driver? Why are you looking for a 'total career change' and why do you think you would be a good train driver? The interview will be friendly and is the same set of questions for each candidate which you will...
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    MTR Crossrail Trainee Train Driver Old Oak Common

    Congrats drazky! Hoping I'll make it to interview if I pass the next stage!
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    FTPE Trainee Train Drivers

    Most people fail normally because there is only one job for each depot. It's a numbers game
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    FTPE Trainee Train Drivers

    When I applied earlier this year they took hundreds for phone interview and assessments but only picked 4/5 for interview with only one vacancy at each depot
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    FTPE Trainee Train Drivers

    I found there wasn't many ways to prepare for the interview, you either have the life experience and what they are looking for or you don't!
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    Vacancies Northern.

    From the northern website: 'Due to the Safety Critical nature of the Trainee Train Driver role, candidates must live within 60 minutes of the depot at the time of applying. We cannot therefore consider your application if relocation is required.'