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    Skeg/Windsor Railtour 20/04/13

    5Z59 Passed through Keighley 1 min early with 57313 on the front with 57314 on the back.
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    Steam in Leeds

    Its staying at the KWVR until around June
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    11:28 Lancaster to Carlisle next Saturday13/04

    it will prob be a 150 or a 144 (but don't take my word for it)
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    Requests for train avatars

    Any Chance of doing a HST or maybe a steam engine.
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    0Z57 Barrow Hill L.I.P. to Carnforth

    Well i went down to Keighley to see them and waited 20 mins before i got told they were cancelled :/
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    0Z57 Barrow Hill L.I.P. to Carnforth

    Just Wondering if anyone Knows what will be running on this, it says a its a Diesel but anyone have any idea which one??
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    Cleethorpes-Fort William & return (inc ECS times) charter Went down to Keighley to see it today
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    KWVR Diesel Gala

    As of yet nothing has been announced, But the vistors will probably be announced like a month before the Gala.
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    KWVR 90733 return to service

    City of Wells will be ready when its ready.
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    KWVR 90733 return to service

    Yep its as Yorkshirebear Says, i should know because i've spent a few weeks working on 90733
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    Ok Thanks well i think i may go or i may go to Hellifield
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    Hi As i am going to Carnforth tomorrow for the first time i'm just wanting to know what type of freight trains go though the station? James
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    Life on the Airedale Line

    What Time did the 37's pass though?
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    Head Boards

    I Think they have a bracket on the cover which covers the coupler and the headboard has a special bracket. - Look under the headboard you can see where i mean...