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    High Speed Train Runs One Year Late in Greece

    Hand-me-down junk :D Oh and it was minus 5 in Athens today!
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    Northern Service Reductions from 4th Jan 2022

    I can see a 22:54 from Warrington Central that returns next month however I wasn't sure if I took that one back in October as, by the time it gets to Manchester, it's only a couple of minutes behind the other one you quoted.
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    Northern Service Reductions from 4th Jan 2022

    Not exactly relevant to current service reductions, however can anybody confirm whether the Liverpool Lime Street to Manchester Airport semi-fasts were running back in October, more specifically the 15th of the month? I can't remember whether I took a train directly from Warrington to Manchester...
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    Back in the day...

    I caught a tram or train in Portugal on this day 3 years ago. No idea what type :D
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    LNER to resume full pre-virus timetable from 14th February. Will other operators follow suit?

    Great news. Gives people flexibility. Hope more companies follow suit in the coming weeks. 1643022901 XC can't even be bothered to put double Voyagers on all their Manchesters let alone reinstate the Bristols/Exeters! Obviously 2tph and double sets would be the most ideal but we have to make do.
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    Trivia: Stations that lost their suffix

    Paris Gare du Nord is often shortened to Paris-Nord these days. Same with many others in Paris. Not a complete removal I appreciate.
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    Which tramways have you used?

    Porto Barcelona München Berlin Budapest Prague Olomouc Brno Rouen Köln Bonn Frankfurt Hamburg Stuttgart Düsseldorf Dortmund Bruxelles Kusttram Ostend to De Panne Gent Antwerp Amsterdam (only once I think and a very short journey) Charleroi (more like a Metro to the airport I appreciate) Wien...
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    Manchester-Preston route

    Bolton or Chat Moss. Chat Moss feels physically quicker but I appreciate it's several miles longer. Plus no booked 6-car that way either although there should be.
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    TPE Emergency Timetable from Jan 10 2022

    Oh is that the one at daft o'clock?
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    TPE Emergency Timetable from Jan 10 2022

    All of which are booked 6-car. Everything is on South TPE since early-2020 bar the very last through departure from Cleethorpes
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    TPE Emergency Timetable from Jan 10 2022

    The 06:26 Cleethorpes to Piccadilly was 3-car today, however it's booked 6-car as it featured on Journey Check.
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    Avanti West Coast timetable

    They're not far off compared to other TOCs until Monday though.
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    Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern

    Fault on the 06:31 Stalyvegas to Southport today so the 08:16 Southport to Alderley Edge is starting from Manchester Oxford Road.
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    European Destination

    Nice restaurant called 'Torture' in Olomouc, or at least there was pre-COVID.