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    May 2020 timetable changes

    Looks like they've taken advantage of class 195 performance to improve pathing of Manchester-Cumbria services up the WMCL. By my counting four northbound Northern services will no longer skip Lancaster from May and two southbound. Some better northbound paths between Golborne and Preston also...
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    WCML closures Spring 2020

    As you suggest, I doubt you'll find any Northern services in the schedule for any route after 17 May at the moment - they appear not to be finalised and uploaded yet for after the timetable change.
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    Can multiple via points appear on a ticket?

    Do you have any more details about this example? According to brfares, all Manchester Stations-Birmingham Stations tickets are ANY PERMITTED or Advance tickets with an operator restriction. The routeing guide permits several routes avoiding Stafford, including via Tamworth. Is your example based...
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    Mirfield Platform 2

    According to RTT one service per day is booked to call at platform 2 On Mon-Sat this is the 18:40 to Wigan Wallgate, which I suspect is because the 18:43 Grand Central from Kings Cross is 3 minutes behind on platform 3 (cancelled in advance today though). On Sunday (if there aren't engineering...
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    Historical Station Usage Data

    To reiterate deltic's post, if you click on "Station usage 2018-19 time series data" on the ORR link you can download a spreadsheet containing all the usage estimates since 1997 (except 2003/4).
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    Wires Down At Hest Bank

    This isn't normally be a permitted route for Lancaster-Halifax, and trains on this route are also suffering cancellations as the issue is between Lancaster and Carnforth.
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    Station Usage 2018/19

    IIRC it was the May 2018 timetable change that introduced the possibility of making a return journey to Redcar British Steel with a short wait rather than an awkward walk past the steelworks security and along the road to Redcar, making ticking it off that bit more accessible.
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    Raildar data accuracy

    Sounds plausible - the individual train records on Recent Train Times show that the 0706 departed Stoke on Trent at 0713 so could easily have been mistaken for the 0712 (which is recorded leaving at 0717).
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    Stations due to close?

    The new P&R at St Erth and reduction in services at Lelant Saltings to one in each direction per day has already happened in May 2019 - discussed in this thread:
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    Northern 10p Tickets

    Here's a holding page:
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    Can someone explain how this route is valid? (Colchester Area)

    Just done some experimenting - Trainsplit offers a through ticket for the following: Walton-on-the-Naze to Colchester via Clacton-on-Sea (avoiding Colchester Town) Walton-on-the-Naze to Colchester Town via Clacton and Colchester [even more circuitous! noting Colchester has no routeing point...
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    Can someone explain how this route is valid? (Colchester Area)

    No worries - thanks for looking that up. That's me out of ideas.
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    Can someone explain how this route is valid? (Colchester Area)

    But what about Hythe to Colchester (not via Colchester Town), which is another part of the route in question?
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    Can someone explain how this route is valid? (Colchester Area)

    Here's my thinking - hopefully a routeing data guru can confirm or reject this - there is no common routeing point, so you are required to first take the shortest route to the origin routeing point (Colchester) [does the +3miles allowance apply to the local part of the journey?]. The double back...
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    Railcard discount after midnight

    Without checking other tickets around London, for the avoidance of any doubt the ticket relevant to the OP ( carries the O9 restriction, and the published text on National Rail is clear: The unpublished restrictions on...