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  • Glad to hear it's useful. Have you downloaded the Group Bourdon / SCAAT exercise? Really useful if you can do that, as you can practise online AND print sheets apparently. (Google it, I think...)
    Thank you for your in message and taking the time to reply. I have bought Master the mechanical aptitude and spatial relations book already and been doing the tests in there. I downloads the test with the dots. i set it at 9 sheets, 1 min per sheet is that correct? i dont seem to get too far down each page, properly quarter the way down, but i dont seem to be making any mistakes. so i think practice will improve the amount.
    Afo the Bop It i have a version of that on the Ipad, but was wondering if the real thing would help me more. so i will invest in that too.

    I am just going to keep applying until i do get in now, but hoping i get a test and interview this time around. Esp as they advertised in liverpool for women drivers too.
    Hi Jenny

    Excellent news and fingers crossed you'll get through! A lot of good advice is to be found in the jobs and careers section generally, but I'd say:

    1 Research the company on their website - get to know the key information such as number of employees, passengers and journeys, different routes, awards gained.
    2 Buy a Bop-it Extreme and practise, practise, practise - this should help for your reaction test should you make it that far. (I understand there are computer games that can help but I'm not sure which - previous posts on the careers section will help)
    3 Get hold of some psychometric testing books if you can - mechanics in particular. I looked at How2Become a Train Driver on Amazon and there were some useful suggestions under the "people who bought this book also bought..." section).

    Best of luck and let me know how you get on!
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