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    Driver job

    I also asked about that as I was concerned, and they categorically said there’s no such thing as enhanced lives and standard lives. There’s only one standard and that’s the RSSB standard, anything else is make up by the TOC in question. So whether or not they have their own ruling on taking...
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    Driver job

    thats odd then as they told me the opposite? Plus there’s nothing online to suggest anything of the contrary?
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    Driver job

    You can’t lose a life doing a test from home, nor do you lose ‘enhanced lives’ only way to lose a life is at a test centre if you don’t meet national standard.
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    Shift Work Adjustment

    Exactly that!
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    Driver Shift Pattern

    you get a nice colour coded one!
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    WMT recruiting

    When is your DMI? You do know the country is on lockdown for the next 3 weeks which is likely to be extended so can’t see it taking place anytime soon unless there’s some kind of video interview?
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    Tyne and Wear Metro recruiting new trainee drivers

    It will effect all recruitment, possibly those already in the job, can’t see any companies taking on or starting training courses in the current climate
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    TPE trainee drivers

    The way the economy is going now I wouldn’t take nothing for granted. There’s going be life before covid 19 and life after. A trainee course pales into insignificance.
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    TPE trainee drivers

    if you’re confused ordering the uniform then wait until you start the course!
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    employment with criminal record

    an Standard checks do not show spent convictions
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    employment with criminal record

    If they’re unspent convictions and part of the interview process asks you to declare unspent convictions then I’d say your chances are pretty slim of getting job, saying that I guess it depends what the exact role is & how many applicants there are. good luck though
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    Been trying to get a job in the rail industry for a year: is it worth it?

    I think we should leave this windymoors guy to it, he’s either a troll or someone deeply unhappy and bitter in life.
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    TFW Conductors at Crewe

    Crewe depot is 4 day weeks with booked Sunday’s (that you can usually give away if you didn’t want them) traction is 175s, 153s, 150s & 158s routes Manchester, Crewe, Shrewsbury, Cardiff Shrewsbury, Birmingham new street, Birmingham international Shrewsbury, Llandrindod, Llanwrtyd -...
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    Applying for Train Driver Job with Criminal Record?

    If it’s spent then you don’t have to declare it, the DBS check is a basic one so as long as it’s spent nothing will show up so no need to declare